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Advice for my DH gear/skills

Just curious if you had any useful advice to improve upon.
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Very confused on ur gear choices.

Inna's temperance you should replace with higher vit (120+)

Either replace belt witch witching hour or replace chest with natalya's embrace for 130+ dex boost that is not being wasted. I would personally replace chest.

Bracers start crafting. Imo you may want to consider strongarm's with 201+ dex/vit and getting litany of the undaunted with crit damage for ur right ring.

Helm you have no bonus on it. Get a bonus on it lol. Imo a mempo of twilight is a good choice for a balance of dps and tankiness.

If possible, try to get pick up radius on one of ur gears. Mempo might not be a bad option :O

As for skillset, it doesn't seem reliable for high mp, but not sure what mp you plan on playing. Rapid fire isn't a bad idea to put into ur build instead of just one hatred spender
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Thanks for the advice. Did a couple tweaks as suggested and it actually helped. Rapidfire is a lot of fun at MP10.

Any tips to getting to 300k DPS?
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Get rich or go glass cannon lol.
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Or go Turret hunter. It's cheap!
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Your helm needs a change. You have 3 ways to go:
-Get a better andys. Either AR or socket are really cheap and will work ok
-Get a Mempo.. but keep in mind that generally the DPS boost will be only paper because you'll lose the crit. The added survivability is great though.
-Grab a nats helm. This will let you keep eDPS for rapidfire, and will let you switch out nats ring for a better one.

Replace right ring. You don't need the IAS on it. You can go w something simple like Litany/unity, or rare.. or my preferred, SOJ.

Craft Bracers

Save up for a good 2 os Manti.

Don't use withering fire rune. It does virtually nothing.
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