So after a long while of inactivity, and hitting a gearwall on my WD, I've decided to play around a bit with my barb again.

Nothing special with gear, I just grabbed some cheap pieces (spent ~20mil total) and replaced the crappy low rolls that I had. I do need better bracers and amulet, I know. Working on that. With this gear, I can smash through MP7 with ease. Rend makes me invincible, just about, even against elites, and my hammer crits for 1.0 to 1.4 million. (without wotb)

As for a build, what exactly should I use? I'm not entirely sure how to do the whole "infinite WOTB" thing...when I tried that a long time ago with a WW build, I could never get it to work. After a bit of playing around though, I've managed to find a bit of success with keeping it up for longer than the cooldown, at least. Though it is a tad annoying that I have to keep spamming Sprint and/or Battle Cry to keep my fury below max.

Still, is this a good build to use? Or is there something better/better runes/passives?
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