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HoTA Barb Handbook: Soloing Ubers

Thanks for the great guide Death. My gear meets your spec but only able to kill rak/ghom. Skeleton/mag give me probs esp. with arcane beams and one-shot by skeleton (dunno how). Didn't even bother with siege/kulle cuz already burned a few machines. Unfortunately I don't know how to record video...every time I have ske/mag in the corner I get nailed by the purple beams....hell sometimes I get nailed at the beg of the fight by a purple cloud and couple hits before I can even get br going! Trying to do it like your video but having a tough time...you make it look so easy! My skills are setup for xp now but I swap to your spec for ubers...I even swap in a amethyst in helmet so my life is like 62k during ubers...can you see anything obviously wrong with my gear? Many thanks!
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Your gear looks great to me, and it should be about as easy as Death makes it look, though slower.

Especially with a Skorn, you should be able to walk through everything without much of a worry. The key is to make sure you rends crit. If you have one or two of them bleeding under a rend crit, you'll be close to invincible.

When skeleton king walks, once again, make sure you've hit him with a rend crit, and just hammer away while he's walking. What'll kill you is if you get scared and try to run away, because you won't heal then.

I think your issue is just that you don't have faith in your healing. This is still a problem for me when I use different gearsets or play different classes...but I know Death will say the same thing when he sees this, charge them down, don't be afraid of them. Confidence really is key. When you've got a badass 1400+ DPS Skorn like you do, nearly nothing can kill you as long as you're attacking. Just stand your ground and attack through everything like he does in his videos.

The beginning is often the hardest part. When you're starting out, I'd suggest attacking some trash and getting battle rage up before you start the uber fight, try to go in with some fury as well. It's not necessary, but it'll make things easier on you. You can also pick up superstition or tough as nails to give yourself some damage reduction and feel tougher, but once again this will really just be to get you over the mental hump. They're not necessary with gear like yours.

Walk around skeleton king, go straight for maghda. Hit rend right away so you start healing. Once you've got maghda in the corner (or elsewhere), just pound away and they'll both be helpless.
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Thanks a lot man. I think I'm just too inexperienced with rend. Usually I'm permawrathing with sprint/ww and have no trouble keeping wrath up (when not doing ubers) so ive gotten used to spamming sprint and br. Ubers I can never seem to keep my fury maxed so berserker rage is kind of unused, probably because dumping too much with br? Does rend heal faster when it crits? I dont know how to tell if critting or not i just keep spamming rend cuz worried gonna die like you said haha...however I do stand my ground banging away maybe I'm not attacking in the optimal manner...also maybe I'm using rend wrong? I'm so used to my sprint/ww setup it's second nature now...but once I swap in bash, rend I kinda forget what to do lol. I tried ubers once with sprint/ww and without a fury generator...once...it wasn't pretty...fortunately it was someone else's machine that time. :)

EDIT: also I have a 30/-4 hota SoJ but it drops my cc to 28.5% (and my ias too). I'm guessing not advisable to use it? Been trying for a nice trifecta hf but not there yet - then I could use my SoJ without the cc penalty at least...
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06/21/2013 05:13 PMPosted by silverfire
Someone besides me using a Litany!

I swear by them for MP10 ubers - for ALL classes! I like the 9as ones with 7% elite mit.

I should say that Superstition is ACE for ubers as it not only makes Maggie's flies 20% less damage, but it also gives you unlimited fury in Ghom's gas.

I also use wrenching smash ground stomp - this is a constant 33% stun-lock (4 seconds out of every 12) and gives sooo much control. For example the adds Maggie spawns - you can suck them all in to be hit by the SAME HOTAs, making easy work of them. It also helps a ton on Kulle, stopping him from teleporting if you time it right, and also from Siege picking you up.
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01/15/2014 11:49 AMPosted by Wired
I should say that Superstition is ACE for ubers as it not only makes Maggie's flies 20% less damage

No - the flies are physical damage, which superstition doesn't cover. It does mitigate Magdha's arcane, Ghom's poison, and Kulle's fireballs.

01/15/2014 11:49 AMPosted by Wired
For example the adds Maggie spawns - you can suck them all in to be hit by the SAME HOTAs, making easy work of them

That is useful. If I die to anything during ubers, it's those berserkers. Mind you, I think more careful positioning would avoid taking multiple hits at once.
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I still miss Litany. Death gave me an offer I couldn't refuse on the beauty of a rare ring I have now to finally get me to part with it.

z3o-berserker rage uptime takes a long time to master. You have to get your rotation between HotA and bash just right, and dump fury exactly when you need to and no more. I would say don't worry about it for now. Just pick superstition as your third passive. Definitely use a HotA SoJ, it will help your spammability and damage, and your hellfire really isn't doing much good for ubers. Not like the xp of 6 bosses is anything significant anyways. IAS makes things easier, but you won't notice much of a difference between 1.76 and 1.83 aps.

Rend is going to take some practice. Spamming it is a common mistake. We were actually teaching someone how to use it last night and the same thing came up. You're probably spamming it so hard that you're depleting your fury, and not HotA'ing enough, not doing enough damage and dying.

Shut off your crit numbers in the display options. Look at the white numbers that rend shows above their heads when they're bleeding. Non-crits for you are going to tick probably somewhere in the 60k range. Crits are going to tick at around 400k. A night and day difference. If you see a non-crit, recast rend. It should usually take only one or two tries. After that, no more recasting it, until they stop bleeding, which will be 5 seconds later, which is relatively an eternity. Do not spam it. Alternating between bash and HotA will also take some getting used to. Bash up to a fury globe and no more. Ideally, you want to be hitting both of the ubers at once almost all of the time, in which case HotA won't drain your fury. When you get stuck against one, you'll need to bash more often.
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silverfire - awesome thx for the advice, I'll try it after work tonight :)
So when rend is critting will it heal me during the entire time it is cast? That's why I've been spamming it actually, b/c I thought maybe it would only work for one dip in my health globe...
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Nope, it heals you for the whole period its up.

Look at Death's "sample video" for sk maghda in the first post, see how at the very beginning he comes close to dying, but then he hits rend and his health spikes up to full in almost the blink of an eye.

And btw, Death's stats when he made that video were very similar to yours, not the crazy gear he has now. His Skorn was around 1410 dps, he had around 60k hp and 550 AR. His HotA crits in that vid were 2-2.5m range. Solid but not spectacular by today's standards, still didn't matter, downed them quickly enough. So anything he did in those videos, you can do yourself.
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Many thanks dude, really appreciate your help...
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Silverfire hit on it and I will again mention it. You have to be aggressive and trust in your Rend to heal you through. Stand tall and hold your ground, when you run all you do is remove your healing option and that's how you get yourself killed. When you are too far away to hit them to make any of your LS of any use at all. Now you have to wade in through a barrage of bugs and arcane beams to get in melee range again to hit them and start your LS working. I see this all the time form less experienced players. I will not ever run from them and put myself in a disadvantageous position to where I can't hit them. Your barb meets my suggested recommendations z3o and you have the LS to stand tall and keep the pressure on. Remember you're a barb and you run from nothing, its your enemies that run from you.
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Thanks Death! I feel like I'm in boot camp again! LOL

I'll practice hard to be hard! :)
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Did It! Got skel/mag in mp10 solo first time. Been practicing my rend crit, and new skills layout and stuffed them pretty easily actually, and with berzerker rage too. :) Gonna try them again (just need their organ for another hf), then will go after siege/kulle next. Death/silverfire - this !@#$ works! Thanks! I'm usually a sprint/ww guy, but I gotta say this ground pounding style was a lotta fun too... A1 kw was so easy too!
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Good man. I find the key to Seige/Kulle is the rending. You can go overboard a bit, and cast it more than you need, to make sure that it's healing you through Seige's pickups.
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Grats warrior of the north, now go forth and conquer. You have passed the trials of Valhalla and are ready to blaze your own path through the hoards of Hell.
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Dang, having trouble with Siege/Kulle now. I get started, Siege picks me up the first time, my rend expires while he's holding me and my health globe goes way down...then when he slams me down I die instantly or while he's holding me Kulle seems to deliver a knockout hit or something. Been trying to recast rend while he's got me, but doesn't seem to work...What am I doing wrong? I've been all offensive, it's just they nail me somehow...
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Gotta make sure you have a rend crit off before getting picked up. You can't cast anything while he's got you.
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Seige does his first pickup early, which will hurt if you aren't ready. Try starting off with a few hits against Kulle. Go for Seige when wrath and all your buffs are up.
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Yeah, with Siege it becomes easier once you've done it a few times and have a better idea of when he will pick you up, so you can hit rend in time and be good to go.
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Thanks guys I appreciate the advice. I still can't tell really when rend crits and when it doesn't. The numbers above the damage bars are huge and it's really difficult for me to tell crit vs. non-crit especially with everything else going on at the same time...maybe I should look at how fast my life globe refills on each cast? When I'm stacking valor it's easy to tell on the whites b/c I see their life bars go down so fast on a crit but elites and ubers it's very hard to tell b/c their health bars drop much slower. Any tips?
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01/17/2014 01:38 AMPosted by z3o
maybe I should look at how fast my life globe refills on each cast?

If my life is going down quickly i know that the rend did not crit and i try to re rend. If not, i continue hota. Hope this helps.
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