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How do you HC fans bear it

Your question is a good one. Like others, I enjoy the challenge HC presents, the journey of each character, not knowing how far each will make it, and feeling alive in each battle. How do I bear to die in HC? I think of it as a lesson. If it was by DC, it sucks but it is out of my control, like many things generally are in life, accept it and move on.

To ease the inevitable losses in HC, I spread out my best items over all my characters, and reserve more good items to be used later, never equiping more than just a few top items on one character, and don't buy from AH. (Don't put all your eggs in one basket). My first HC character was by far the hardest, but it gets much easier after that.
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death makes the risk vs reward a bit more fair

so upgrading is not always good
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hahaha, i like this thread.

you just gotta grin and bear it really. accept that at any moment your journey is over. the nice thing about it is, that the permanence leads to very harsh lessons on gearing. if you died, it didnt work, try something new. if i hadnt died, i would never have found the WD skill grave injustice (was an uthkapian man). my last doc was a cm wizard, neat but i didnt like it a whole lot. now im excited to level up another one and try archon :D.

look at my graveyard, got 2 paragon 40s in there, and a WD paragon 58. some hurt more than others. its just another excuse to keep playing really :P. its just a game, cant take it too seriously (and its pretty easy now)

EDIT: oh yeah, and the feeling of almost dying, the heart pounding fear, the blood thundering through your veins? thats adrenaline :D, and its amazing. if you can harness that power and use it in conjuction with your belief in your skills, you'll rule hardcore :D.
time slows down, every movement plays out in what appears to be minute, nerves tighten. HC is the best game ive ever played lol
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SC is waaaaay waaaaay too easy.
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Honestly when playing public games you feel really safe as long as the group is working together. (although I must say over the time of Diablo 3's time this has slowly been declining)

Basically you can just farm MP1 and everything gets melted but you still get plenty of exp, aside from things like savage beasts there aren't many threats.

Although just yesterday I saw a barb get 1 shot by a pack of fast savage beasts because he ran too far ahead, rip
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it would be a little pain the first time but it will get better and better and you will enjoy it eventually.

the same talk you give to your GF.
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I think we have a very similar outlook so perhaps I can give you some helpful insights. Like you, I also get emotionally attached to my characters. I'm like, really anal about things like picking names and stuff. I want them to be something I could imagine finding in a fantasy novel. And I hate feeling compelled to use non-class specific gear as well for the better stats because it's not fluffy enough for my taste haha. Hence why HC initially didn't appeal to me at all. I wasn't just losing time and a bunch of pixels on a screen, but also an identity that I had carefully crafted.

After getting bored of SC and taking a long break, I decided to just give HC a try. Surely I could deal with losing one character, just for once to know what the HC experience is like. Now HC is the only reason why I still play this game for pretty much all the commonly cited reasons, which I'm sure others in this thread have already covered very well.

What really helps me is seeing your HC character as a chain in an extended storyline. As is common in HC I save gear to help out with leveling should I lose one. So while a character may be dead, his or her legacy lives on! They're not just fighting for themselves, but also for those brave nephalem that will follow in their footsteps should they fail. Having only one life also adds a sense of realism to you character.

So while losing a character can be painful, I think HC is also much more rewarding even from an RP perspective.
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to die?

Honestly, I wonder about this question a lot. Sometimes I get interested in trying out HC but I always shy away because I know I would be too frustrated if my toon, which I invested maybe dozens if not more hours in it would die.

What's your mindset about it? I really would like to hear your mental strategies becaus I cannot imagine anybody could just shrug it off (for a toon that has dozens of hours and at least decent gear).

you did it wrong, do it again til it's right.
i dont fear when i play my lvl 60 barb. dc mean i lost my 5 stacks.
my heart rate is the same when i play sc dh, but hc is totally different and what make it fun.
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06/21/2013 02:52 AMPosted by Isolation
EDIT: oh yeah, and the feeling of almost dying, the heart pounding fear, the blood thundering through your veins? thats adrenaline :D, and its amazing.

This is what makes death bearable for me. Red screens are fun, not fear, and the goal is to come out alive. Survive or die, you learn something.

Death is inevitable in HC, for everyone. If you approach the game fearing death then it will hurt more when it happens. The more you have invested, the more it will hurt but that is how it should be. You do need to find that balance where it doesn't ruin your day, but it's Ok to grieve a loss.

I would say try it out, take it slow, pace yourself and maybe start out with a class that has better survivability rates. You have several 0 elite kill characters in your profile, so take the first HC step and kill one off on your own. If you end up not liking it, SC is still there for you.
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It is humbling... and everyone should experience it.
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It definitely takes some willpower to not get discouraged. For me, since I haven't lost a toon to DC or lag, I can't explain how that would feel but I know how it feels to do something stupid and lose a toon. I get angry at those situations and take a break, figure out what happened, what I might have done wrong, etc. But then I am determined to come back stronger and better and overcome whatever killed me previously. It's like getting revenge.

The adrenaline rush of being in a tough battle, seeing red, running for your life, only to get back in there and go at it again to triumph. Those are the battles that are most exciting and thrilling. Most players try to avoid battles that come close to killing your character, but I relish them when they come. I guess that's why I don't use the AH. No sense making it too easy or I would lose interest real fast. I want to feel challenged and accomplished at the same time.

Personally, I enjoy starting new characters sometimes for different reasons.
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I proced Near Death Experience for the first time last night on my monk TWICE!

It was so awesome!
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I start by making sure any good loot makes it to the stash ASAP.
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The benefits outweigh the threat of dying. Due to the item sink, we have a more robust game and it attracts better people.

The progress in Hardcore actually means something, unlike SC where it doesn't... so that's another plus.
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I SC you just die, and retry x amount of times till you get fed up and re-gear at the AH.

In HC, your gear must be analyzed for what you are doing. You need to be proactive about re-gearing, skills, passives.

It WILL get your heart pumping at 100x a min if you start seeing you red globe get low! It really does make the game a lot more fun, challenging, and more about playing vs just about your bankroll.
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06/21/2013 08:16 AMPosted by Sephiroth
When I died I kind of just said out loud "damn....that sucks" and went to sleep.

That was my reaction. I had a lot of fun playing my WD to 60(2). It sucked, but hey, it was a lot of fun.

Also, I think the teamwork factor is much greater. All of the sudden, there is a real reason to support your team mates, and watch out for them. If they die, you feel it too.
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Don't think of the hours you've played as being invested in a character. Instead, try to think of them as time you've spent doing something you enjoy; and you will enjoy it a lot more in hardcore, trust me.

There is no destination in Diablo. It's just a continuous journey.

This. Sure it sucks when you die. Just like it sucked for Boston fans when game 1 ended in 3OT. But that was a great game, they enjoyed watching it, and they didn't stop watching hockey because of it.

06/20/2013 08:50 PMPosted by Shiimiish
Well, this reasoning makes sense to me. Still, I think I am too chicken to play HC.

Not everyone is cut out for hardcore, and that's not meant as an insult. Nothing wrong with that. I would suggest you try it once. Don't transfer any gold from SC, don't have someone powerlevel you to 60 in 2 hours, don't do anything that will make you too attached to the character, or think you've invested something that you'll mind losing. Maybe play at a reasonably high MP level to add some extra risk. Basically treat the whole thing as throwaway. If you don't like the gameplay, then you've lost nothing but a bit of time. If you do like it, well ...
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Sometimes I get interested in trying out HC but I always shy away because I know I would be too frustrated if my toon, which I invested maybe dozens if not more hours in it would die.

What's your mindset about it? I really would like to hear your mental strategies becaus I cannot imagine anybody could just shrug it off (for a toon that has dozens of hours and at least decent gear).

I don't think most Hardcore players "just shrug it off" if their character dies, but I can only attest to the attitude I see from my circle of friends. Most of us feel at least some level of bitterness when a hero is lost, but we also feel the added value is well worth the genuine risk. Personally, I feel like the best way to tackle Hardcore is by placing a higher value on the immediate experience rather than long term character progression. In short, have fun killing demons right here, right now. When I look at Diablo III like that, Hardcore is a lot of fun.

Don't get me wrong, I play both modes, and I think that's the best choice. Sometimes you want to play without a steep penalty for making a mistake, or just be where your friends are.
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