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Able to use PTV until...

I meet a pack with knockback...super annoying. There is reduced CC gear but no gear that has a chance to make the knockback not hit you. Unless of course you stack dodge but that would be the opposite of what we want to do.

Hopefully something is done about PTV soon. I would take 20%/20% even.
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I once had 1k dex on my female doc. It don't really do !@#$. ESP in act 1 weeping hollow with the fat mob with 2 hands in the air. Better if they have vortex with it... They play me like ping pong.. Knocking me away and sucking me back.. How fun.

I created a thread about fixing ptv. Not much wds give a %^-* about it, they are just into those "show off your wd thread" D:
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06/22/2013 01:38 AMPosted by pBeybq
I created a thread about fixing ptv. Not much wds give a %^-* about it, they are just into those "show off your wd thread" D:

Yea, I think most are in the same boat as me....a waiting game to see what blizz next move is. Maybe there will be an item that reduces mana cost of PtV...who knows. At this point the game is stale and we need more information. I hit 95 paragon the other day and I just don't have the motivation to get 5 more levels. Sad really....
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And that is para 95 without ever using a Ruby, Leroics, or HF ring lol...just haven't cared to level fast haha.
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While I don't believe it's possible to justify ptv use in its current form, plague bats while running some interference/crowd control is probably the easiest skill to attempt this with without tying up your whole skill bar on mana management.

My experience with dodge has felt like it seemed to help with certain monsters with innate knockback on hit as opposed to targeted aoe knockback. But I've never really noticed a benefit vs elites with knockback although that's entirely subjective. This is with a >25% dodge rate.
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