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What is the meaning of your battletag?

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Kitsune means fox in japanese, and kyubi no kitsune is the legendary nine tailed fox in the japanese myths. foxes are just badasses. and in most of my other games my name will be just fox.

--they are my favorite animals!

+1 for badass
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Mine is from the Wheel of Time books. Naeblis is the title that will be given to the most powerful and favored of the Dark one when he is released from his prison to face the Dragon Reborn.

Normally my tag is 14thForsaken but the game doesn't allow alpha-numerics.
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My initials, and I'm smoove
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--Finn means "Chosen Youth" in Irish mythology. I'm part Irish and first used the name in Legend of Zelda.

--Originally it was spelled "Phinn," but I wanted it so everyone could read.

--"Way" was added because it sounds cool.

--Finwe is a high-elf from the Lord of The Rings universe.

--People call me Finn and I love it!
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Aurelian comes from Aurora ( Aurelia ) and means dawn.

P.S. Hooray for Animes :)
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Anime is AWESOME :)

As well I can always give you some good references :) 1.3TB of anime doesn't just melt away!
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The name of the swords used in Janny Wurts wonderful fantasy series "The Wars of Shadow and Light" by Prince Arithon S'Ffallen
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Berserk's most hand- awesome character
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My Battletag is from a D&D character I had made, that was a Moon Elf Vampire, that was just to powerful and fun to play.

@Naeblis: The Wheel of Time was an awesome series of books :)

And Anime is awesome to :) which is what I watch when not playing D3..
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EphSixTen = Ephesians 6:10 Finally, be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power.

(a Bible verse)
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06/21/2013 06:27 AMPosted by Death
I'm a force of nature, unstoppable, unavoidable....the one due everything must pay in life is Death...

I help bring this :)

Other than that just a Name I have gone with for long time.
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Short Circuit
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Gauffre = pancake , because this is delicious :P
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Mine is a really long story. You really want to hear it? Of course you do, you made this thread.

Back in high school, I used to run cross country. In the period between my freshman and sophomore year, I improved dramatically, so much so that I took fifth place and won the "Runner of the Race Award". After I received it, everyone on the team stood up and clapped for me. My coach, never one to pass up an opportunity to embarrass me, said: "This must be a new experience for you. You've probably never had anyone clap for you before."

I responded promptly that, yes, I had. "Oh really?" he replied. "Name one time."

I thought about it, and the first thing that popped into my head was when I won National Honors for the WordMasters challenge in seventh grade. So that's what I said.

For those who don't know what the WordMasters challenge is, it's a series of tests based on completing analogies. For example:

Leech is to blood as aphid is to _____.*

Here's the official site, in case any of you want to enroll your kids. It's actually a pretty cool program, and it appears to have changed and evolved a lot in the years since I was a part of it.


I should probably mention that I went to an academically competitive boarding school, so I just kind of expected that my teammates would know what I was talking about. But no one did. Moreover, they found the term "WordMaster" hilarious, and started using it as my nickname.

The term quickly spread from the cross country team to the rest of the school. I had a girlfriend at the time, and people even started calling her the WordMistress. From then on, it was basically decided that "WordMaster" would be my moniker for the remainder of cross country days. When I became captain of the cross country team my senior year, I even had "Captain WordMaster" embroidered on my jacket.

Time passes. People change. The WordMistress cheated on me, then dumped me. Yet still, my name survives in the hearts of those who know me best.

I am the WordMaster, master of words.

*For those who are wondering, the answer to the analogy above is "sap". A leech is a parasite that sucks blood from an animal, whereas an aphid is a parasite that sucks sap from a plant. The relationship between the first two words tells you what the relationship between the second two words will be.
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pk from parkour(yes am a tracuer ^^) and Bond from bondokji (my family name)
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I am a college mathematics instructor, hence the battletag "Mathnut."
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Big = Large
Stinky = Smelly
Pud = In Punjabi, Pud means Fart

Large Smelly Fart :-)

Oh, and I'm 31 years old, in case you were wondering, happy Friday everyone!

[EDIT] Sorry, forgot to mention, the Large Smelly Fart was a reference to the poison gas attack necro from D2, my favorite character
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Oh, and I'm 31 years old, in case you were wondering, happy Friday everyone!

Age is not always relevant. I'm 37 going on 12. ^.^
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<---- not a metallica reference.

just means death...always use this name with message boards
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Canela... It's a long story.

First, I used Maxim, because of Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals.
Then I decided using SinistralAmon because of one of the end bosses, was the Sinistral Amon.
Then in some games SinistralAmon was too big to use, so I abreviated it into SinAmon.
Then a friend of mine (from Venezuela, I'm from Peru) called me "Canela" (Spanish for Cinnamon). I was like "wat?" and then he told me my name "SinAmon" sounded like "Cinnamon".

Hence the name.
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