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What is the meaning of your battletag?

For many decades I've admired Bill the cat from the Bloom County comic strip, and my name is Bill.

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Anyone actually use their name?
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Games make me mad too easy...
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Montblanc is a name of a dessert.

I enjoy making them just as much as i enjoy eating them myself.

and btw OP, its Shingeki no Kyojin xD no-one pointed your spelling mistake.
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My name is Cameron and my amazon from d2 was called camazon.
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Mine is Thief2004:

....from the PC game that totally changed me to an avid PC gamer back in 1998;

..THIEF: The Dark Project. Plus Thief: The Metal Age and Thief: Dark Shadows. The protagonist Thief Garrett looks very much like our male Demon Hunter.

...I added the 2004 which is also significant for me, for this is the year model of my previous car which I did like, a 2004 Infiniti G35 coupe. Although now I own/drive a 2009 Infiniti G37X coupe.
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Tag: BloodRayne

Was a die-hard BloodRayne fan of the PS2 games they had. Spend hours and hours playing them over and over again. Then came the movie.............I died inside! THE END!

Still loved the name tho, so my first female character in a game or MMO will have this tag. (Couldn't have one in Everquest, name taken already, wahhhh!)
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The name is simple yet effective. A savage. Though I probably should have mained a barb.... Ah well.
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Feuerhammer was one of my toons from D2.

All of my character names are carry overs from previous MMOs
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Because i love House of 1000 Corpses!! and Rob Zombie directed movies.
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There is no meaning, more of a typo... I wanted Fallen Angel at first but it is too long, then i chose RaveAngel but key in an extra "a" LOL
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I am usually one of the people who reads through the most popular topics and then leaves to actually play Diablo 3, but I saw this topic and thought hey! That's totally something that's meaningful to me!

When I was a young gamer back in DotA years I played in public games and was a generally average player. One game I played with this Pudge player who went bot and told me to go mid with Lion. Long story short I ended up getting a Beyond Godlike spree (x10) and he did terrible and asked me if he could play more games with me.

I didn't have anyone else to play with so I thought why not... I ended up playing in some pretty successful DotA clans and made many friends and developed my PC gaming universe just because of this guy; not to mention getting to know him very well personally.

Well after about 7 years of gaming with him we finally lost contact, but in the time I knew him he became one of my best mates. We'd get on Ventrilo and chat all the time after school and he now plays DotA 2 for Australia casually. Anyway, his username was Xoraze at that time, and when I made my account for the clan he invited me to I made "Ezarox" as a joke (the reverse of Xoraze) - and I guess it's just stuck with me, a personal reminder of where I came from as a young gamer to where I am now as both an adult - and still an awesome nerd PC gamer!

Cheers for making the thread, I've read some really cool ones. :D

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edit: I main a DH, so screaming a lot works really well.
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My tag is Latin for Lord of Battle, Duke of Battle.

It is also linked to King Arthur, if you believe Arthur was a Roman lord born in Britannia.

My main Demon Hunter's name is based on Kate Beckinsale which who I thought of when I saw her for the first time in the character select screen.
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My name came from the game. When I saw it, it made me LOL.

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Wow, OP, yours is kinda complicated!

Mine is an alternate spelling of "Hey you!". Ridiculously simple I guess. =P
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Oph is short for "Ophelion", which for years now has been, and still is, my online moniker on various e-communities.

"Ophelion" is a mash-up between the cosmological term "aphelion", and the name "Ophelia".
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The word means real, ironically most of us try to escape reality through these games we play, I thought it was fitting.
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F F 8
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