Diablo® III

What is the meaning of your battletag?

Bartuc is a character in Diablo The Legacy of Blood. Bartuc was obsessed with bloodshed, but he enjoyed bathing in his enemies' blood even more. He was respected in all the realms for his power and knowledge, but came to be known only as the Warlord of Blood. I just love blood splashing...
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It's the name of a song that inspired me to play the drums to begin with. About 16 years ago.

Because of that song, I have come a long way in writing my own music. This is just a recording of one of our songs at last nights jam session. Comments and suggestions anyone?


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It's the first thing I thought of when I joined xbox live when the 360 released, it's comment on my name was something like "your name is unique and will be remembered by the community"
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My battletag is my brother name in my fraternity. Apparently I laugh like a donkey when I get really drunk lol.
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Alucard - My favorite Castlevania Character
Heany - Last name
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It's pronounced, "way too bold." My playing style tends to be... undisciplined, you could say.
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you figure it out...
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kam - my name begin with kam

vinci - i love leonardo da vinci work.
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Mine is from the Wheel of Time books. Naeblis is the title that will be given to the most powerful and favored of the Dark one when he is released from his prison to face the Dragon Reborn.

Normally my tag is 14thForsaken but the game doesn't allow alpha-numerics.
You must love hanging out in the Desolate Sands where your lord occasionally spawns. ;-)

Mine's stuck since I started lurking in various forums. It's a complete made-up name of fictional character in my head.
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I am clinically insane ;)
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One of the 3 Fates from Greek mythology.
All my chars follow the Greek theme...
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Thal - I wanted to use my gamer handle i have used since the days of the original Counterstrike. Thalidomide.Blizzard for some reason declared that it is not allowed to be used...

Also Thalidomide - is an anti-nausea and sedative drug that was introduced in the late 1950s to be used as a sleeping pill, and was quickly discovered to help pregnant women with the effects of morning sickness. It was sold from 1957 until 1962, when it was withdrawn after being found to be a teratogen, which caused many different forms of birth defects.

I use Thalidomide because when i am done with someone in a PVP scenario i leave them looking like a F'ed up flipper baby.
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