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Need advice on my WD

Hey guys, I just reached level 60 and I'm wondering what build would be best for the gear that I have as of now. Also, can you please give me suggestions on what items I need to upgrade? Although I'm running on a tight budget because I just spent 50mil for my gear. Thanks!
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You really need some pickup radius.

a WD gets all the damage buffs from PUR.

Keep these 3 sayings in the front of your mind when gearing your WD.

You Cant DPS if your Dead (never sacrifice survivability for damage)

A WD without Pickup, is like a porno actress without coke. Not gunna happen.

BALANCE!!! Dont stack IAS unless your mana and MP choice can deal with it. If you are Out Of Mana, you are useless, and most likely deader than disco.
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06/23/2013 03:57 AMPosted by skitzflik
A WD without Pickup, is like a porno actress without coke. Not gunna happen.

Your other two rules are good. This one is optional based on including GI in your build. I don't use GI and I'm doing just fine.
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ya i don't have pickup either and I don't use GI...however, even pickup in one slot would be helpful. *They* say 7 pur for a cob build. This is the reason why I'm waiting anxiously for a lvl 63 toad. All the pickup you want without having to waste a slot(s) on gear

jonas, looking at your gear, i'd say drop the hellfire ring for something that is going to benefit you more than the +35% XP...also drop the red gem in helm for a purple gem.You want to move up to a high an mp as you can since they buffed XP in the last patch. 1000+% XP at mp10 makes the +35% on HF and +27% on your helm look pretty small

You have decent resistances, i'd try and find another 3-400 armor and 20k life to round it out. 20-30k dps will come from a decent ring when you drop the HF
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Yeah I've thought about crafting items (shoulders most probably) with PUR but still no luck. Can't go to AH since items with PUR are crazy especially WH.


I'll try to look for some decent Litany in the AH to replace my HF. Looking forward to upgrading my gems too. Also, is a Tal amu really that great compared to crafted ones? I can't seem to find decent ones with cold damage in the AH that fit my budget as of now.
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06/23/2013 10:23 AMPosted by jonasgalang
Also, is a Tal amu really that great compared to crafted ones?

I think Tal's amulet is definitely BIS for a WD who uses Skorn.
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As of now, I can farm MP8 efficiently using CoB build. I'm really glad I switched to WD since it's really fun to use than a barb. Alright, thanks for the responses guys!
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