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Tips please :D

I was trying to make some research, but, I can't find anything that truly helps me to increase my dps enough to be "accepted" in a MP8-10 farming group (even though I can do it very decently).

I currently have 109k unbuffed DPS (yeah, I know it's low).

If you pros could help me telling me what should be the next thing to upgrade, I'd be really grateful.

P.S.:Look at my barb, I stopped playing DH long ago.
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EF and offhand need to be upgraded. You also need to tell me your budget.
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I don't have enough gold right now, I just want to know what should I upgrade next so I start saving for that.
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You got 99 problems and dps aint 1.

44k hp

you wont be alive very much in mp10 with these low ehp stats. you will need to sort out your vit/ar problems because you have significant vit/life% tied up on all your jewelry. Aside from weapons, jewelry will contribute most to your dps.
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Thanks for the tips! :D

@PhatPhoEater So what would you recommend me to do? In which slots should I upgrade my survability first?
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Get that ruby out of your helm, that xp increase isn't helping if you can't kill anything right?

Amethyst that helm, get better gems.

Straight dex innas pants with vit on them. You can't afford a real pair of strength inna's pants so why even try to imitate it?

Get some Ice Climbers with no MS on them, you need LS on your OH, you need a 9/9/9/8 ratio of attackspeed so get a non-crit mempo, AS gloves and lacuni bracers.

Drop the hellfire and pick up a unity and stop avoiding vitality as a stat. +% life is great once you actually have vitality not before.

+50% of zero is zero.

And get an EF with a socket, doesnt need CD just yet. but make sure it's .24 or .25 attacks.

Also I'd probably use warcry/impunity instead of overpower. Your AR is pretty low.
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Thanks, Hydrium, I'll take the Hellfire Ring advice (since the exp buff to MP's, it's not worth it anymore I think) and the Socket in the head.

As for not killing anything, believe me I kill, xD, as strange as it sounds, and I believe that with some hard work I can get at least 9/9/8/8 IAS. You're right, I can't afford strenght in my Inna's pants just yet.

I won't take your advice on Overpower though, as I said before, I can survive enough to get it going really well. In fact, I survive most of MP10 in a party. In fact (again) I'm the only one among my friends (who are in the 200-250k dps circle) that can survive MP10, as illogical as it sounds (and yes, they have more AR and Vit than me).

So thank you :D
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Now that I think about it, I'll do this:

I'll sell everything, and look for a budget, so I need you guys to tell me what should I keep?

Please please help D: I really want to get bigger (who doesn't, anyways).
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@ Canela

If Phat is in a charitable mood, he might help you put together a brand new set. Otherwise visit Nived in his gearing thread.
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