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Allow playing in all Acts via Waypoint-system

Good points dudes, keep em up!
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i think i would really like an open sanktuario. i've always wanted it!
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To add my two cents, I would LOVE to have an open world option be available, the lore teasers (Flavor Text on the dyes for example), combined with say for example, some of the areas especially in act one are BEGGING to allow for more exploration, and discovery. Make it happen Blizzard.
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I wonder if there is ANYONE in the player base who don't think this is a good idea. Anyone?


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06/25/2013 01:45 PMPosted by Grimiku
A lot of you mentioned it would be cool if there was a mode where there was an open world mode with no story, and I think it's good for you to know that there are senior developers on the same page.

What about those of us that want the opposite and want the ability to turn on all cinematics during playthroughs instead of just those ones that play in the middle of acts after completing key quests? I'd like to be able to see the pre-rendered and class-specific cinematics during my usual playthroughs.
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This is very frustrating!

Yes I am new to Diablo 3, I love the game and I believe there are millions of players do so but it being confined into this current game system discourages a lot of want-to-be players and already-players to play the game. It doesn't have a long term plan unlike other MMORGP and to think it is powered by Blizzard. I'm like buying an ice cream yet did not taste its sweets. Come on! this is very important!
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Even though this thread got necro'd, I agree. Let us travel from act to act in game via waypoints.
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^a good example is the ID-all button.

Now, let the /nopickup option be next.

These are very easily to be implemented and sadly, it took way longer than expected to be there. And note: these things work perfectly in D2. Understand your game before you make a sequel of it!


P.S. gg = good grief

Have to agree with this, a "nopickup" command is sorely needed,especially in higher mp's with blue/white items filling the screen. Seems like an easy fix,suggested since day 1,but swept under the rug by the "other" major features lacking. Likewise unlock all acts in the same game! Why this wasn't in D3 from the beginning is a mystery.
And maybe toss named games into the mix? With info on duration of game,players/class in game,,etc,just as in the other features from D2/LoD we were expecting in it's sequel?
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