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HOTA barb stuck with low HP

Hey guys, what can i do to improve this barb?? I know i can craft some better shoulders and bracers for higher vit, but what else? I got like 500m for upgrades. My goal is to kill elites easily at mp8 or higher.

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My full stats are:

190k dps unbuffed
44k life
6200 armor
500 All resists
1,82 attack per second

I want to higher my vitality, and ultimately AS too. But i dont know what to buy or change! :(
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Iceclimbers would help you quite a bit. MS ones can be pricey, I got mine for 100 mill though. Lowish stats, but I needed the MS.

Your gloves can be upgrades for sure. Craft dem bad boys, and get trifectas there.

Most people craft vit shoulders also, you can get 630 stats(330vit, 300str) with vit spaulders compared to 530(330 str, 200 vit) on str ones.

If your set on using Nats, do the shoulders for more vit.
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vit shoulders will make the biggest difference. Shoot for life% on them as well. I think most people have switched over to a vit gem in helm as the exp boost from the red gem in helm isn't very good vs farming higher MP.

LOL at all the red gems you are losing in sockets so you can wear low vit innas and zero vit WH.
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Craft shoulders of vitality
Craft bracers with vitality
For goodness sake, get some real boots (ice climbers)
Either get a mempo or craft some better gloves
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I already knew about the crafting, but i was wondering about the ice climbers and also the depth diggers option.

So, what do you guys think about the Depth diggers option?
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I'm planning on getting:

high IAS unity ring
175str 175vit depth diggers
IK gloves with high str, vitality and IAS

How does that sound??

PS: I'm planning to pay up to 200m per piece, if you have any for sale! ;)
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I don't know if you changed your gear or not, but I'd say your biggest issue is not enough IAS. Other than that, I don't understand you dying while using blood lust unless you just sit there.
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I changed my nat boots and ring for ice climbers and nothing as for ring lol. This is why. But yes,i agree that IAS is a big trouble, which is why i liked the inna's pants. Therefore, your reply tells me that Unity with IAS is a very good idea, so is IK gloves with IAS. Thanks!!
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I'd try and look for a trifecta ring hopefully with str and average damage for bid. You can probably get a good ring for 200-400m that's better than the unity.
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