Diablo® III

Please Guide Me In My Next Purchase =)!


Please let me know what I should get next to help improve my barb.
I know i need some more HP because I keep dying if I don't use WOTB against blue's & yellows.

I have about 50mn to use!
Thanks for any and all your help everyone!
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Personally I'd switch your helmet for Mempo without CC. Look for strength/vita ones they are really cheap in AH, at around 1-5 mil if you price shop. You will loose fire damage, and add vita, res all, and life%. That will allow you to upgrade some other items as well. Next I would upgrade your firewalkers for IK's boots (ice climbers will probably be too expensive), and you can pick up str/vita/res all/walk speed on those. Next if you have demonic essences, I'd attempt crafting new shoulders of strength. On your current ones vita is eh, strength is standard, and you have no resists. I crafted around 20 for a barb I am currently building and got 222str/90vita/77res all. Those will be cheap upgrades as well. Your health should be in at least 40-50k.
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i dont know how to gear for skorns, and you build is different than the typical ww or ww/hota. that said, i would replace the helm for a 200+str 9 ias prefered mempo. the boots with IK boots if you need move speed, ice climbers with 150 ish str and vit no move speed if you dont (you have 24% between the lacunis and ice climbers, but irf u intend to drop one ull need it else where). ice climbers should be 100+ vit no str. on a good day you can pick up a 100-120vit pair for 3-6m, normally theyre about 10m tho. shoulders should be crafted VIT based. you want 200 vit/200str/ 50-60+ allres, armor and life % are a bonus, but it should have those 3 at the least. gloves should probly have 8 ias+ and 8-9+ cc, they dont have to be IK. you should probly have str/ avg dmg/ cc/ ias in ur non unity ring. necklace is useually prefered to have CC/CD/str/avg dmg. you cna pick up some vit on the belt, 230str/50vit is roughly 10m. would help life sustain if your skorn had life steal on it.

and remember these are just general things, skorns may need to be geared differently, but thats a list of things i would change.

as for build, i would reccomend bash(instigation)/frenzy, whirlwind(hurricane) in right click, wotb, sprint(run like the wind), battle rage(the fury gen on crits rune), and overpower(killing spree).

passives as weapon master, bloodthirst (untill you get a lifesteal weapon), and ruthless.

that builds for whirlwind build, use what you prefer tho.
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