Diablo® III

Is someone buying up all the mara's w/...

mara's kaleidoscope's with -5 to lashing tail kick?

I've literally looked through 100-150 pages of mara's and all I could find was 2 that had -4 and only 1 that was -5 which was 1.5billion (which I can't afford and I think it's gone now anyway.)

This makes me think someone must be buying up the -5 to LTK for mara's or it just has an insanely low chance to roll on the item.

(I'm trying for infinite TR + infinite LTK build.)
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Just so you know , you are picking the hardest build to pull off Mara with 5 LTK is super very rare try for a 4 instead. You don't need to have perfect count to pull off infinite LTK. Good spirit regen is how you would compensate.I have been collecting them since the begining of the game and I only have two with 10 and 8.5 crit with 4 LTK. Anywhere from a 16-19 count will do the trick with 19 being perfect. Skullgrasp 4 SOJ 5 Mara 5 Shield 5 Hope this helps you out.....:)
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eh, don't bother with ltk.. not worth it imo. fun to play around with for a little bit, but hardly comparable to WoL.
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yeah, even with WKL bonus for HoYT it's not even close to comparable... fine for SW and FoT bonus, but after that :/ fun I guess?
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. Anywhere from a 16-19 count will do the trick with 19 being perfect. Skullgrasp 4 SOJ 5 Mara 5 Shield 5 Hope this helps you out.....:)

I'm actually trying to do it with a 2-hander and not using a shield.

I'm also trying to get infinite LTK WHILE keeping WoL in my build.
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They are very hard to find. Good luck though!
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I do have one with 275 vit crit 10 and 5 LTK but i haven't seen any like it anywhere..Sheldors with the crit damage is the only one i have seen that is better....
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Hello noob monk here. Wouldn't mara with WoL be better instead of LTK?
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Its great for a stun build as well as its fun to use/try other skills. I like to use Cyclone strike to bring them in and start spinning in circles gaining life for both LpSS and LS and with the right attack speed and spirit regen you can perma stun.
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I have a perfect LTK SoJ 6/30/2.3/-5 if anyone is looking - rotting in stash.
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Cold or lightning damagei might be interested. I have two that are 6/28/2.2/5 so it would only be a slight up grade for me.
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I would be interested in SOJ as well. And yes the mara's are really tough to find.
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