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Any monk got 160 vit Inna pants with 9AS?

For a decent price? Obviously, must have at least 91 dex, I"m not to caring on the armor. I'm trying to NOT spend all that I have on a pair, but the cheapest I've found is exactly 160 vit for 60m on the AH(well, I think 59m). Considering how often I see 97dex/175 vit with 8% AS going for 30-35m(at least 3 pairs up like that right now), I know I should be able to find a simple 160ish pair with 9% AS for like 35-40m, but I'm getting tired of scouring the AH every hour or so hoping to get lucky, so I'm coming here to see if anyone has a pair that fits those reqs that they'd like to pass onto a fellow monk without charging an arm and a leg.
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This is item I am looking for as well.

One with 160+ vit and another with 70+ AR.
The price right now seems much higher than before.

I am waiting out until the price drops (if ever)
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I have one on my dh I will be willing to sell.

Add me in-game we can discuss (inc. a msg)

I will be on in 5hours or so.
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I actually just won a pair on bid for 45m, so Gungir, edzmonds are all yours.
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i got mine for less than 10m..but that was months ago..
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Yeah, "months ago" was pre-1.08 and the infamous gold dupe that completely wrecked the economy. Believe me, you can't find Inna's pants with 150+ Vit and 9% AS for anything less then 30m, and it goes up by about 10m per 10 vit it seems. Now, if I had been willing to take the hit on the 1% AS, I could have snagged several pairs that had 185ish Vit, but the point of revamping my Innas Chest and Inna's pants were to up my DPS while keeping my EHP roughly the same.
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edzmond I sent you a friend request last night :)
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Keep watching the AH, I sold my pants for less than 60 and swapped over to the AR ones I have on now, also were pretty cheap. Watch for ones with bids and no buyout, can get better pricing that way. Getting the extra 1% ias can cost a lot, but not all sellers know that.
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Well good luck with your purchase! I bought my 96dex/170vit/9ias for 100mil bid (no buyout)
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