Diablo® III

Frog, Unity, or Ammy upgrade?

Aside from crafting attempts on Gloves and Shoulders, what should my next upgrade be. I don't have much gold atm, but for when I do what should I upgrade next (goal 200k dps w/o giving up any survivability(maybe even adding more Vit)?

After browsing the AH I can gain between 5-10k dps from either: a different frog, a Unity w/ crit dmg, or an Ammy (dropping the AR and getting more crit dmg).

I know I could get a higher dps mojo if I didn't pick Froggy, but I LOVE the radius and the mana max + regen. I will probably pick up a serpent later on for non farming scenarios like Ubers.

I'm concerned about the Ammy losing AR; I'm sitting at a good spot where I can survive most mp9 encounters.

Which should be first priority? Or is there another option I'm missing?
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I would say upgrade your Frog. The damage on it is medium/low level at best and frogs never have the highest damage output.

Next would be your Unity, have 2 options, could go a Litany w/ crit damage if survivability is an issue, or a crit damage Unity for more damage.

Im personally a subscriber of the "you cant dps if your dead" school and would go a Litany, but it depends on your playstyle/lag honestly.

Hope that helps :)
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That is very helpful and intriguing. Litany was never even on my radar so I'll definitely look into that.

I'm also in the death = Zero dps camp. Dieing is my least favorite thing in any game. months and months ago I could survive mp10 before I had enough dps to be effective in mp6. I've widdled away a little defense and now I'm effective in mp8 and can survive well enough in mp9.

Thanks again.
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