Diablo® III

check out my WD pls

damage with soul sacrifice and soul harvest is 185k
health 73k
resi all (soul harvest 850)

have around 2500 life reg per second (which i kinda like)

mainly i like to run around and croud mobs ( could use 24% run)
i use the primary with HUGE area effect to taunt mobs

then when stopping, hit locust once which will spread nicely to all and give more mana
when enough in range i hit soul harvest, and start the bat twister

every time i have 3 dogs, i sacrifice them with 3 key, while holding right mouse down for the bat twister

if i am either frozen or monsters are near me with knockback, i use spirit walk which won t let me be disturbed for 2 sec, and gives nice extra LL

works well on mp6 all acts and even 7

my question:

what would u change? either items or in the build?

i know i could use more APS, but i noticed i run out of mana from time to time if i am faster

please feel free to comment below
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Well if I were you I would get better gloves buy either crafting or buying...just a rare set with 9-10 CC and 30-40 CD with no IAS! (Check my profile)

Then get Inna Pants for better DPS and get that IAS back that you lost from the gloves.

I ahve also tried the Bat plus Dog build but I feel your just better off going with Gruesome Feast instead of CoL and switch out Sacrifice for BBV Slam Dance.

That is basically my build and I can mow through MP10 on solo...multi I need to switch my skills up a bit but it still works.
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thanks hova

i changed some of my build and yeah i do like feast better already

was also underestimating BBV

will see about those item changes now
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just checked mp 10 and it won t work for some time to come XD

changing inna pants will make me lose a ton of resi and vit
don t think thats the answer
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