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Team Sharks - the distribution

07/12/2013 02:37 PMPosted by LEit
Nice work dude. I got the set from Aleas today and i'm ready to start packing some heat. I'll be ready in about 3.5 hours, but you probably won't be around.

LEit, i am in Australia, so have not matched times with you for machines. Are you still in need of them?
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I am still in need of them, but i'm going to bed soon here (Eastern US). I'll be on tomorrow morning/afternoon though.

I did some more practicing and I've done loads better on the Magda and SB/Kule fights.
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Sharks and Machine sponsors! I need you! The runs are going well, but it would really help to have someone open first portal.
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Once again, after hours of trying and with the advice and machines of others,
I have finally completed a run.

Run #1: http://youtu.be/KWxXMcPI3gQ

Unfortunately, it's kinda slow, mostly due to me dropping WotB against Kule. I'll be working on improving the time later.

P.S. I also completed another run, but it was so slow I hit the Bandicam record limit of 10 mins. It's here if anyone wants to see:

Run #2: http://youtu.be/z6BJ_ut4Z0g

Slower than the first, but I ran out of machines...
Edit: Had to re-up video cuz the sound was muted :(
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fullpronto and Eribuss, your help with machines is very appreciated!

Thanks guys!
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Hi Guys

Sorry I've been away. Got banned again.

@ L1keBoss

Thanks for your runs, you did briliantly and thank you so very much for your participation. It's been great having you along for the ride, I hope you've enjoyed and learnt from it too.

I'm am going to have to exclude your runs though my friend :). We've set rules and so need to follow them. I know real life stuff is so much more important, so good for you for picking up your dad. It is as it should be.

@ Leit

Well done :)
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I've always been a bit of a barbarian player even in D2. I had all sorts of characters, but I had four very different types of barbarians that I would always come back to. Because of this, when I got on the D3 beta, the class choice was a no-brainer. Because of the great time I had on beta, my barbarian has been wrecking things casually after work since launch. I've never really been an extreme player, but I would certainly not classify myself as one of the casual players. I don't make billions of gold flipping items; I don't grind for hours on the absolute most efficient route possible; I play to have fun and experiment with things. As a result, I've bounced around between DW, 2 Hander, and even played with S/B. I am a friend to all sorts of builds and love to make some really weird builds to play if I'm feeling it. However, in the past months, I found my log-ins less and less frequent.

The Competition:
I first learned about this competition after competing in another Morpheus challenge (The Fields of Slaughter Nudie Run Challenge). I was searching for a little more info on this Morpheus fellow and his philanthropic deeds and stumbled upon this guppies vs sharks challenge. Naturally, I wanted to compete, but realized that I was probably just going to watch because I was a little late to jump on the band wagon. However, I was lucky enough to be placed in reserve for the sharks, then got to run with the team in the end. I had a great time playing with the team and talking about how we were going to gear. The competition got me to be super excited about thinking about gear and specific strats on how to play and approach the challenge of the ubers. I got to talk to some real pros about how they gear and got some tips on how to improve my playstyle. Just as important as the experience were the friends. My friends list will never be dull again because of the amazing players I've met in the past month. Because of all that, I'd just like to thank Morpheus for putting on such a great competition. I hope he never tires of inspiring others to play hard through these friendly competitions.
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Ok, here are my runs:


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Excellent run!
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As I'd expected. :P

Morpheus will need to double check the times. On my end, it shows we barely scrape through with a 00:01:30.

Edit: Spelling
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aleas you are a master....
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Are you prepared to be the official scapegoat? :D
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always :)

congrats sharks you guys all did some great work
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*hands Omega the sword* :P

Don't make a mess on the Shark's carpet. XD
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Nice run Aleas.

Kudos to all Guppies and Sharks! I believe everyone showed great sportsmanship and have fun along the way ;p
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Great work Aleas.
Any time you want more machines just yell.
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@Team Sharks members and friends:
Now that I got the set back, I want to hear your ideas how the set should be distributed. Send them to me via email, post them here, or tell me in game.
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Give them all to Bugs!! :D :D :D :D
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FYI, Guppy set was split (almost) equally 3 ways. You may wish to do the same with your set.
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