Diablo® III

Teeming Necklace

So how many of these are there out there? Who ever duped this (the origin) has probably made thousands and thousands of dollars...was on diabloprogress the other 90% of the top 100 barbs use them not to mention all the others that have them... This item is on the RMAH every now and then sells for 250.00, I've personally have seen over 100 that's 25,000 dollars for counterfeit items I really don't understand how this is legal dealing with real currency...looks like a big conspiracy to me...
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25k is nothing compared to Blizz's quarterly profits. There's no conspiracy. People want the best, some have the means to pay for it, and others have the ways to provide it.
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06/23/2013 01:53 PMPosted by Garthandal
Bliz pumps out a couple hundred right before the quarterly profit statements.

LOL. No doubt!
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Nothing happens unless Blizzard allows it. They just get mad when they're are not allow to profit from it. That's when they shut down the servers for a couple of days to address a "gold dupe" (quote end quote). I suppose it's nothing illegal about making money, it's just the hypocrisy that's irritating.
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If it was duped from another country (which it no doubtedly was) can't do anything bout it
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