Diablo® III

my next upgrade? 1b to spend?

i have around a billion to spend. i want to maximize my tDPS eHP at the same time. but really im lookin on ah and thers not much to do that a huge increase. maybe switch some items around.
plz help with advice or your thoughts would be much appreciated.

was thinking going .... drop innas for depth.... but then i would need to buy some 12 ms ice climbers and get another 8 aps some other way.

or drop lacunis and craft some aps bracers and buy ice climbers with 12 ms. doesn't seem worth much to do so.

was thinkin dropping soj but i cant its such a good ring well at least to me is it.( i do like doing ubers from time to time)
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I suggest replacing that EF even if you need to save another 1b to get a decent one. If you want more tDPS you need a dagger with max IAS. It would bump you up a lot in that area.
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im a little skectical on the dagger thing that means i need to watch what hand im swining, i like to bash a lot sometimes and having to pay attention to the offhand tornados really bugs me. i have a decent dagger and sold it for like 900m i should of kept it i guess. the dps on the dagger doesn't matter does it?
im not bagging your advice. i will look up to see if any in my price range. and yes i want a 90cd ef with str but soooooo expensive.

thank you
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If you're looking for tDPS, there is no reason to worry about what hand is swinging since that's what you're aiming for. If you care, I guess just keep the sword. Also putting a ruby in your mainhand will up your tDPS.
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yea i kno i took it out to look at ef upgrades. i usually have 1 in it. right now im at 2.7m tDPS with only 560 eHP (yikes i kno)
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I'm actually aiming for the highest HotA dps now. Meaning, no EF. So, double rare maces. Unfortunately, nobody gets good ones AFAIK anymore since there's really no reason to grab them. Going to be spending a fortune crafting them in attempts to get a good one though.
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ok i updated my gear and logged. i believe right now im at 2.5 with 650eHP with 492resis all (some about that) but yes man. maybe ill just go ham and buy a bunch of mempos off trading site and flip em? gamble it all away :)
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Word of advice, using a rare Mace in the main hand rather than an EF gets more tDPS. Not much more but it does. It also gives higher real damage and not higher paper dps. This is also assuming you have more strength on the Mace though lol It's a lot easier to have higher tDPS with an EF, let's just put it that way.
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