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Just an FYI - I'll be taking a bit of a break from D3. As most of the guys I regularly ran with can attest to, I had hardly been playing the last month or so, as I was busy gearing guys out. And I used to really enjoy that.

But the trouble is, I don't anymore. I guess the crux of it is, I used to be super excited when I'd see a friend request from someone requesting gearing help. Now, my reaction is quite different, and I'm interpreting that as a signal it's time to move on.

That, and, frankly, I'm growing short on time. I've got wedding prep (big day's in October!), I've been neglecting my musical side, and I've barely even ridden the RC51 this year - and that's an outright sin.

So, I've posted in the gearing thread that I'll be taking a break. I'll be completing the sets I've started, but that's it. I'd also like someone else to take over the big giveaway that Dinklefess had started a while ago. Overall, between the gearing, the playing, this giveaway, and our (aborted...) competition, I think I just got D3-burned-out.

I was kind of hoping Hardcore might be exciting - it is, don't get me wrong, but I'm usually quite interested in the gearing, and the economy, of a particular scene. I was a bit disappointed with the HC one - the dearth of items, the very steep prices...again, it's probably just a D3-itis kinda thing.

You might see me from time to time, but, I suspect, quite a bit less than before. To be clear, I'm not severing all ties and deleting my account or anything like that. I'm just planning on doing a LOT less D3 in the coming months.

Have a good one, guys!
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Dang another good player going away.

Thanks for all the work you have done for us :)
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Good luck bro and congratulations wish u the best!! thanks for all the help
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before you leave, are you a vampire and silver is a tell?
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lol - what's a tell? An alibi of some sort?
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Too bad, this guy geared me up just the other night. Very helpful I didn't even know people like him existed in the online community! Don't take too long of a break idiots like myself really appreciate you!
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gl to whatever u do silver~
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Thank you for everything silver. I owe you a lot, or should I say I owe you no OWE. =P Good luck on your endeavors mate..
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Hey grats on your wedding coming up. Everyone needs a break now and then. You have been a big boost to this community. Take care!
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Sad to hear, but I think it's a good thing overall. Hopefully, the absence will make the heart grow fonder. And besides, it's summer... we should all be spending more time outdoors away from Sanctuary! :)

And good luck with the wedding prep. Hope I'll be around if/when you come back.
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06/23/2013 09:27 PMPosted by Debby69
Too bad, this guy geared me up just the other night. Very helpful I didn't even know people like him existed in the online community! Don't take too long of a break idiots like myself really appreciate you!
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Grats on the wedding and enjoy it cause the day goes by so fast.

See you in the next patch or xpac Silver.

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sad to hear another old timer going
good luck IRL and congrats to you and your future bride for your big day in October =)
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Good luck farming for happiness in rl!
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I may not know you personally, but I know you have been helping many monks on their gearing, for that, I wish you all the best.
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Man, you were like one of the nicest monks that I've met on this board since I joined.

Sad to see you go man.

Good luck.
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Sorry to hear that you are taking a break. Sometimes is needed, though. Enjoy the wedding preparations and even more the wedding and the honeymoon!
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Wow! Thanks to all for their show of support and well wishes - it's quite appreciated. I had a great time, and met some fantastic people - best of luck to you all as well.
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Good luck and all the best silver!!! Thanks again for helping me gear out the other time! Hope to see you again soon!
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