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Is cain's set suitable for paragon farming?

A friend loaned me a cain's set to level a new character, but I thought that, coupled together with a HF ring and a signet, wouldn't it be great for XP farming on say, mp2 or something?

I'm at werk and can't try it out so I ask for the wisdom of the collective. Is it feasible?

RS ruby 30%?
Cains 30% + change
HF 30%
signet 25~30%

for a total of 120%.
If on a public game with 4 players, isn't that something like 200% xp bonus?
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I would assume it would work as long as you are in a group that can deal enough damage to make up for the damage you wont be dealing.

From a solo perspective I have a feeling you will be dropping too much dex and decreasing your kill rates enough that it wouldn't be worth it. Maybe somebody else can chime in.
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I think you can look at it mathematically quite easily. You will gain +120% xp bonus. Keep in mind that this bonus is additive to the MP lvl bonus.

Let's assume you are playing on MP5, which means You will have 60% bonus to XP on Inferno. With the 120% from the set, this becomes 180%. In numbers this means each mob will give you 2.8 times basic XP as compared to 1.6 times basic XP. So with the set you are gaining XP at 1.75 times faster rate. This will pay of as long as the kill time per mob without the set is not shorter than 57% of the kill time with the set (which is about half the time).

You can do these numbers for each MP level you intend to play and than see how much your kill time suffers ingame and make your own judgement.

Note, that +XP% items are very effective on low MP because the relative gain is huge. On higher MP levels the relative gain becomes marginal and will never be able to offset the loss in killspeed.

You will have to find your personal sweetspot, though.
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Ok, quick experiment I did.

mp7 with 4 players, started with no NV stacks, weeping hollows. Got 1 hole bar at p81 just by clearing the area. Used Turrent Hunter build.

mp3 with 4 players, no NV stacks, keeps level 2. about 5 mil xp in 5 minutes, relaxed pace. Used HA/multishot build.

mp2 with 4 players, no NV stacks, keeps-> diablo. 4.5 bars at p8, relaxed pace. Used frost hunter build.

cain's wreath thingy with radiant star gem
cain's pants
cain's shows
HF ring

total xp bonus: 30 + 31 + 35 = 96%

Conclusion: it works great for high paragon farming, but bring a tank or 2. We were alternating between full DH party (everyone with cain's set) or 3 DH + wiz. Died quite a bit even at mp3, mainly due to elites. Because low ehp.
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