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Advice on WD build for max DPS

Check my build. I only hve 222k Base Dps
BUT I HAVE 59% CC and 490%CD

THEREFORE, I hit for 1-2mi almost every single hit. on mp10.
Feel free to ask any questions.

ur build is beast!! I'll try and match it, I almost have what u have, the only thing is now I need to make the highest gem

Thanks man! I pride my 0 pet build and my ability to kill EXTREMELY quickly in mp10. As most my hits are between 1-2million. I just hit 59%CC base and its amazing. With CoB nearlly EVERY SINGLE strike seems to crit, which combined with my near 500% CD, comes out to 1.5mil hits. But my gear took A LONG TIME to afford it all.
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"Kohwalter" thnx for the huge help man great post.

the issue now is if i need good armor i need that damn demonic essence..I cant buy it from the wh so I have to farm in mp3 or above to get decent drops.


Add me in game (Kohwalter#1353) and i will help you. You alread have nice gear. You just need more all res, life steal and some change on actives skills.
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There is 3 pages in this thread; but just incase you did not get the memo.
You have geared your WD incorrectly , to put it bluntly. You have stacked as much paper dps ( lots of wasted IAS ) and severely neglected your stats in terms of armor and AR.

With all that IAS you will go oom quickly. You're going to need to get more mitigation as soon as possible if you wish to proceed into higher tiered Inferno.
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thnx to "Kohwalter" I can tank mp10 alone, it's awesome haha. We played for a couple of hours..this guy does not die at all haha.

I think my build now is almost perfect haha
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Ooooohhh..... SkorrrrRRRNNN!!!!

Just a tip, gear for high CHC, 50% if you can. CHC and CHD are best friends :)
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