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How to reach 200K dps...need some advise!

Need some help to finally reach this psychological barrier of 200K dps.
Everything is so expensive at this level point ;(
I know that I need a better weapon, more critical chance and damage...
Is their a good trick that will not ruin me...I don't want to use my credit card :)))
Thx to take time for helping me!
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pinoulou, you've answered your own question. There is no magic trick. You need more crit chance and crit dmg.

One thing that you might want to consider is to get a socketed weap. You are losing a lot of dmg by missing this.

For an echoing fury, a radiant green gem will give you 100% crit dmg which on paper would put you over 200k.
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also get a Vile ward with life in it... this will make up for the loss of vita when you get a weapon that has no vitality. A good easy weapon that gets you lot of CD right of the bat is Manajumas cutter. Get at least a 900 DPS with as close to 100% CD as possible and a socket... this can increase your CD up 210% with the highest gem.... Also... I say lose the Tal armor(the set doesn't benefit you at all... for Zuni armor with 175 plus intelligence and 200+ vita and +armor , and lose the rare ring for Zuni ring... this will give you the 4th and most important benefit from the set which is more mana and not to mention the extra 100 plus all resist from the zuni armor and set bonus.

And last suggestion... I'd swap Darts for Firebombs(roll the bones). Darts does not penetrate thru the first target, has long winded animation and you need lot of attack speed to make it effective. Firebombs penetrates thru as many targets as stand in its way, has a shorter animation and attack speed is not a must to use with. I used Darts for a long time and realized how much better Firebombs were when I started playing with them.
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