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07/01/2013 08:38 AMPosted by Jahpahjay
I'm quite curious about your setup and how well it works in-game. If you get a chance I'd like to run with you a bit with my WD since it seems like his and Arya's playstyles would work well together. Time will tell though ;)

I added you this morning. Just PM me when we are both online.
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I did the maths. Unless I am wrong:
When using a tal source my DPS drops considerably. Even with the best around. The bonus to meteor or blizzard does not compensate. Even when I would be a able to spam meteors a little more often due to the apoc on the source.

Also I simply cannot get rid of prismatic until I have full AR on every single gear piece. And this is going to be expensive. I just die to often not having prismatic up. And although it is tinfoil hat stuff. Less dying. More legs! Or does someone see what I don't in order to make this work?

I think I just need to keep on grinding for more gold. More items to sell so my gear can be updated. There is potential in my gloves. But this is going to be in the bees I am afraid. To get what I want.
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Just crafted new gloves. Life and DPS gain. Loose some armour but that is fine as I am still above 5k.

Also got some inna pants. The drop in life is compensated by above new gloves. Seems like I am on the right way. Keeping EHP with DPS increase.
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After I got the pants my AR dropped to not ideal levels. So I swapped my Zuni boots with AR Zuni boots. Works better now. Drop in life per sec is hardly noticeable. Also. I played around with reactive armour. In group play MP10 it works. Hardly any deaths. Okay. Prismatic is still better for EHP and survivability but overall it works. Solo MP10 is still squishy. I am blasting through MP8 in full MF gear now. That's an improvement.

Thanks again for the advice. Might put this build into the compendium soon. Still needs some fine tuning I guess. But in the end it all comes down to gear. Any more advise?
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Got a new source. Found it lying on the ground! Win! Put my DPS up a little.
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Awesome, I too have been playing forked/blizz as my build sense day one, I've actually never ran across another player who plays this build, at least no one around the same power level. I actually started playing this build because of my bad internet connection, I have sense upgraded my connection and tried the other builds, I find this one the most enjoyable. Its very surprising how similar our characters are in level, stats, and power. I find this build especially shines with big mobs just devastating them. The more monsters the more dmg from the lighting, very important to have a high crit hit chance.
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Add me so we can do a couple of runs!
Correct this build especially works very well when there are hordes of foes around. Electrocute them. Snare them. Spam meteor. So nice.
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