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Disc Regeneration Rate with Suppression Fire

A question arose regarding a cap of 9 on how much disc a DH could recover with one volley of SF. I thought this sounded off so I tested it in game. Here are the results of my 10 minute test: I got my disc down to 11, immediately fired two volleys of SF into a pack (it wasn't even an abnormally large pack), and my disc shot up to 48 (my cap is 49).

Edit: Yeah, so, I mistakenly had NS slotted as a passive...

When I did the test again with out NS it seemed like 9 was indeed the cap. However, I can still spam Multishot against packs of mobs with ease as four volleys of SF is more than enough to use Punishment.
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Good to know.

I have experienced the same... when facing large mobs, I can go from 0 Disc to 30 (40 with SoJ) in two shots.
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Have you tried it without nightsalker? You are most likely getting disc regen from nightstalker + the max of 9 disc from suppression fire. I noticed I get much less discipline regen when I had night stalker off than when I had it on.
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Yeah, I normally don't run nightstalker passive with this build, but I see that I forgot to change my passives before the test so I'll have to do it again.
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Updated OP with results of testing MS - SF without NS passive.
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So it was correct.. they should remove that fcking Cap -.- or increase it to 15 or something.. i mean.. what the hell is with all this cap. XD
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