Diablo® III

Should I Come Back?

Don't get your hopes up for anything meaningful until the expansion, assuming you buy it. Because any worthwhile changes will require a purchase.
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No, the paragon leveling takes an endless amount of time and isn't worth it even imo.
Play each character to level 60 and beat HELL and the try hardcore, then drop the game until you know what the expansion IS and ADDs (after its been on the self a couple months). If you like it buy it. If not drop the game forever and move on unless they add a huge replayability factor.

Seeing how you only have one lvl 60 char, you should at least enjoy the other classes before making a decision.

I have played all to 60 and loved it up until Inferno. Now I've moved on to other games until the expansion is out for a while.
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When PVP arrives, Otis the Brave shall squash you all & remove your noses!
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I also took breaks over the course of the last year or so and I've been happy with the changes. Since you know of paragon you're probably aware of the Monster Power levels (that's a cool change). However, IMO the biggest change has been to crafting. 6 months ago I never thought I'd be wearing crafted gear on my barb (my main toon), but currently I'm using crafted shoulders and bracers due to the new patterns they have added. More over, my demon hunter is wearing a bunch of crafted items.
Recipes to make chests, gloves, bracers, and amulets have been helpful for my alts as well as my main and that alone might make it worth your time to comeback and farm some mats to give each recipe a try (atleast a few times).
Btw, I find you'll see a good crafted item roll within 10 attempts (more or less).
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heres my run down Bricks

ill give you a neutral review on the blog report of the changes in the game.

1. paragon levels.

They are lightyears ahead of what was in the game before them. which was "nothing at all"
so they are that exciting. they are "more exciting than nothing at all"

not very inspiring. they give you virtually no growth. they do show roughly how long you have slogged through act 3 and maybe won the "item lottery" and now do a few hundred thousand DPS.

2. Infernal machine.

interesting fights and a neat item. even if the item is randomly generated, its WAY more interesting then 90% of all the items in the game. not bad. it can be used at lvl one. boosts experience BIG TIME. read up on the details. again this feature is 1000% better then the previous build of the game which had absolutely nothing beyond the acts.

3. legendary item improvements.

a complete joke. Oh you think when you get a legendary item is going to be amazing? Think again. It will be an Wizard cap with strength and bonus Toad damage Will they be better then their original versions? of course....but thats not a huge deal at all; those versions were absolutely ridiculous. will it be an upgrade to your item slot? Maybe. but brother trust me when I say that the chance is slim. If this big whopping item redesign months ago was so well executed, we would not be waiting another 6 months for another item redesign.....

4. brawling suprisingly is more than people make it out to be. unfortunately there is ZERO reward for you time. its just a practice arena. what you kind of have to dig into to realize is that some people have done the ground work to be quite frankly ultra dominant duelists. And it has NOTHING to do with what you learn farming stupid monsters. giving players a tool that they have to figure out that is non mathematical, being that the reward (strong dueling ability) is not a figure to be measured universally, is a very powerful concept. Designing a character to excel in PVP is basically a 100% brand new task for the character design templates. because there is a lot of stats and skills to begin with, and now you have to do something different with them. probably WAAY different. and thats really interesting. but its not for the weak hearted cheese dicks. you will enter the arena and you will be a jam stain on the wall for weeks. Strap your boots on. Brawling is far and away the most brutal and unwelcoming feature written into the game so far. check out the youtube guides. they are MUCH MUCH deeper than many expect.

5. monster power. again much better then nothing. unfortunately and the designers fail to realize this. its maddening to see so clearly, let me explain. they allow you to dial up the monsters difficulty with more life and more damage.

how much more damage? 371% pretty good.

Until you see the life boost. its 3400%.
So guess what people have to do? you guessed it. try to chew through astronomicaly high hitpoints.
how do they do that?

by stacking Damage. Through the exact same stats that every class and every build wants. Which is part of the problem they are trying to solve with the itemization.
ignorance of the variety of stats out there.

well...with 3400% monster life bonuses....have fun convincing them to look at other stats.

oh well. its better than before by leaps and bounds. just frusterating that the solution is a sturdy as wet paper..

6. multi player improvement. overall i think this one is better than before. it encourages people to group. its not great or bad. its pretty good.

7. monster density.

Awesome. more monsters to kill.

how long was your break? its subjective when trying to decide if a person should return....but check it out. if its crap, log off and tell us how you feel.
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Give it a try, and then decide for yourself rather than letting people from the forum make the decision for you.
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06/26/2013 06:18 PMPosted by Diurnal
save your sanity. no

Other than the nerf(s) to Inferno the game is at least twice as fun as it was.
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06/26/2013 06:32 PMPosted by happynikon
It's still a pay to win......or don't go outside and play the game til you drop to see upgrades (still not a guarantee), that is if you get lucky.

Look at my Wizard, he has 235 hours on him and I have 3 or 4 items that are end game items. They aren't BIS because of some of the random rolls, but they were all self-found. My skorn was found on a test run with my Barbarian with his new weapon. That was my REAL LUCKY drop.
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06/26/2013 01:50 PMPosted by Bricks
What makes you keep playing?

4 hours a week keeps me playing. When I have absolutely nothing better to do I'll play this game. Hope that helps. 20-30 hrs a week even if I had the time wouldn't happen in this current state of the game..no point.
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I leveled to paragon level 100 and have only found 2 items worth more than 100m gold (which is a drop in the bucket)
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Save your self some time just spend 40 bucks on the rmah get some gold and you win the game, my suggestion is no, or just wait till patch 1.09.
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If you really want a new start you should wait for the itemization patch. But mind you, it will be a long wait till then. It has been officially stated that this patch will most likely not hit before the blizzcon, so spring 2014 will be the time to go.

I´m quite in the same boat like you, played a little with paragon levels and then quit a few month ago.I decided not to play till the itemization patch because i can not imagine that they will really develop good alternatives to the crit affixes. If I did play now I would continue to stack crit chance and crit damage because right now it is mandatory to get high dps. So once the patch would hit every new item without a crit affix would feel like making your char worse. It would be exactly like it is now: you find a new legendary, be happy for half a second, then see that there´s no crit on it - dump it. Oh, how I hate the crit affixes!

So my plan is to wait for the itemization patch and see if they did well.
If yes: I will give away/dump all my items, delete all characters, make a new start and try to never come back to the crit damage cycle - if it is possible to do so.
If not: wait for the expansion and see if it is worth to buy

Hope my thoughts can help you on your decission
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As much as I'd like to play the game sometimes, I stopped and uninstalled sometimes in the early days of 1.0.8 PTR. I realized I want to play self-found in an interesting way, but sadly the current item system can't deliver it.
The overall gameplay mechanics are awesome, I like how fluid the combat is, but the main thing I played D2 for more than 8 years was the charm of finding a better/interesting item, so I decided to wait until they release the big fat itemization patch or maybe I'll wait until the expansion comes.
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I've been on here and there in the past 6 moths but haven't really played since they introduced Paragon levels. Is it worth it to come back now? Whats changed? Am I going to enjoy the game more now (cause I definitely didn't when I quit)? Is it still pay to win or can one farm items successfully now?

What makes you keep playing?
Diablo III has evolved quite a bit in the past year or so, and I'd suggest checking out the changes for yourself firsthand. :)

[url="http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/9691898/diablo-iii-the-road-so-far-5-16-2013"]This blog[/url] offers some highlights, and at the tail-end of the blog, there are also links to each of the patches as well as retrospectives from both [url="http://www.diablofans.com/news/1773-diablo-3-a-look-back/"]Diablo Fans[/url] and [url="http://diablo.somepage.com/news/1546-diablo-iii-first-year-retrospective"]Diablo Somepage[/url].

Vaeflare is right, Diablo III has evolved quite a bit in the past year. It was launched in Alpha state a year ago and it's now on Beta state.

Quite honestly, don't waste your time now. The best thing about Diablo is unistalling, it's quite fast and easy, not in beta :D at least that's what my friends told me, I still have this beta game installed in my laptop for now...

Don't waste your time on this, play Diablo II: LOD or another good game.
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06/27/2013 02:13 AMPosted by Pretender86
Vaeflare is right, Diablo III has evolved quite a bit in the past year. It was launched in Alpha state a year ago and it's now on Beta state.

Nice one, had to laugh a little! :D
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06/26/2013 11:26 PMPosted by Khimtha
Save your self some time just spend 40 bucks on the rmah get some gold and you win the game, my suggestion is no, or just wait till patch 1.09.

Coming back and spending money on the rmah for gold is the dumbest thing you can do.

First the game is broken. Range classes are forced into gimmick mele builds at higher MP levels. Someone coming back might drop $40 on gold over spend on items on say a DH. Realize the class is broken and the game is dead and spend weeks trying to sell the items for what he paid. Than take a loss and the AH takes a 15-20% chunk on every sale.

Next thing you know you spent $40 on rmah gold and only have $20 of gold. Blizzard eats it away. Youmake one mistake a game in a low populated broken economy and boom yor out $40.

Stay away from this garbage game. Diablo 3 is dead.
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short answer : no
long answer : hell no
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I recently came back in a similar situation as you and the game is a ton better now. You still will struggle to find your own gear if you don't want to use the AH though. After about a month back I'm getting bored again but then again no aRPG has really kept my attention more than a couple of months at a time. I'm sort of swapping back and forth between D3, TL2 and PoE right now since I need something easy to play during the busy summer so don't want to start a new game.
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It seems song-lists are out and "should I come back" posts are the new Blue-bait.
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If you base your fun solely on whether or not the game has improved (it has, vastly imo) then it is possible that your return will be short-lived. My advice to you is to not worry so much about whether the game is better now and to join a community of folks that are fun to play with, hop on mumble/teamspeak/ventrillo with them and enjoy each other's company.

Playing with friends makes Diablo 3 an immensely more fun and rewarding experience. Also, if you haven't given hardcore a spin, try that out (but do so with friends). Playing hardcore might just be the gameplay facet (along with playing with friends, notice a trend here?) that will reignite your passion for the game. I know it has worked wonders for the fine folks apart of the community revolving around the Diablo community podcast I host (www.shatteredsoulstone.com).
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