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How To: From Gambling to Crafting

Everyone seems to agree that crafting, in its current form, is more closely related to "gambling" of other games, including D2, due to the extreme randomness of the stats that you get. I've seen several posts about how to "fix" crafting, some of them good ideas, while some not so much. To accompany them, I will present my own idea about this. It may be similar to other proposals on this topic, but I contend that it is balanced and fairly inline with what is already in game.

Firstly, let's talk about crafting materials:

Currently, when you break down an item, you receive a magic material and also fairly frequently you receive a rare material. You can also receive brimstone, but that irrelevant to this. In this crafting mechanism, while breaking down items, in addition to the standard materials you receive, you also have a chance (50% chance to get one, even chance split between affixes) to receive "affixed" magic level materials.

Yes, yes, I too have seen proposals with affixed materials, just ignore that repetition and continue on.

Only magic level materials (for each level of magic level materials) will show with affixes, in addition to the standard magic materials. These affixed materials will only represent the 4 stats. That's a grand total of 16 new, and separate materials. Seems like a lot. More on that later.

For example they would be named something like:

    Hearty Subtle Essence: representing Vitality

    Slippery Subtle Essence: representing Dexterity

    Tough Subtle Essence: representing Strength

    Luminous Subtle Essence: representing Intelligence

With just 4 affixes, you get so many new materials to hold onto; with an affix for every or almost every item affix, the number becomes insanely daunting. Having only the 4 stats allows for the player to have a "guided crafting" to help them upgrade in a semi-class specific manner while leaving the randomness for extra things, like CC and AR.

New materials? How to guide your crafting:

In addition to the already given cost of materials and gold, you will be able to select one, and only one, of the affixed material types (level depending on the crafted item's requirements [normal, nightmare, etc.]) to apply to your craft. The number of required affixed materials will scale with the magic materials required. I imagine that about 2/3 of the magic materials required would be fair, including a small increase in gold cost.

In my head, I see the UI as it is with the new affixed materials (the 4 leveled relative to the item's requirement level) lined next to the shown required materials, grayed out and selectable.

Selecting to use some of these materials would provide an increased chance (I think about 50-75%) to craft the item with the selected stat (affix level and type [pure affix or mixed affix] varying for some more randomness and less gimme-gimme-ness).

But so many extra materials!?:

By and large, it is beyond time that we had a dedicated gem/materials stash tab, beyond the 3 that we have. There is not enough room as it is, especially with multiple characters, and gems/materials take up almost a full tab. The extra materials wouldn't be a concern with the dedicated page.

I mean a tab that would only hold gems and materials, but not a system where that tab is the only place they can be stored. That in itself would create more problems.

Final words:

This system would help direct crafting, so that you can go in with a plan and come out close to what you want without the full crap-shoot that we have now, while also maintaining the randomness for additive affixes.

Also, I'm not sure if allowing these stat materials to be used on the BoA crafts would be balanced, as they are already guided. What do you think?
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I like anything that would get us an actual crafting system, so thumbs up sir.

My suggestion: how about when salvaging, there's also a chance for a skill related affix to drop? See the skull grasp/SOJ for the affixes I'm referring to: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/skull-grasp

The chance to add the affix could be subject to the same restrictions you've suggested.
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06/27/2013 10:55 AMPosted by Taganov
My suggestion: how about when salvaging, there's also a chance for a skill related affix to drop? See the skull grasp/SOJ for the affixes I'm referring to

I really like the idea, but that's a lot of separate materials. What if the skill affixes (per class) were inherent in the crafting of class specific items? This would of course need to be coupled with a slightly larger selection of class specific craftables. I'm not sure if they're able to be crafted with them right now, but if so, the chance is very low it seems. They would need to be boosted to be quite a bit more frequent: if crafting a class specific item, there is a 25-50% chance to get a skill bonus for that class, and then an even random roll of which skill in the class "pool."
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Any other comments or thoughts on this?
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I'd like an actual crafting system rather than the roulette wheel we have now but then I think wait why should there be crafting in a game that is all about the drops?

To be honest I don't really get why they thought a crafting system was a good idea in D3 to begin with and kind of feel like if they make it really good then they defeat the purpose of a drop game, I don't know.
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06/27/2013 07:29 PMPosted by shreloche
'd like an actual crafting system rather than the roulette wheel we have now but then I think wait why should there be crafting in a game that is all about the drops?

I imagine that they had just the drops, but then while testing they realized they weren't getting enough upgrades and their solution was the psuedo-guided drop game that is d3 crafting.
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How about only one affix material per difficulty. Make it extremely rare (but not as rare as getting a brim from a blue or yellow - maybe somewhere around 1% when salvaging a yellow or 0.1% on a blue). Maybe call it something like Angelic Subtle Essence, etc.

You can choose to use up to one Angelic Essence per craft and no more. When you do choose to use one, you're presented with a list of all available affixes for that item. You pick one, and you're guaranteed to have that affix.
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