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Theorycraft - CoB range

done some testing tonight as i couldnt find any definitive answer on this thru searching.

Goal : establish CoB range.

Method : drop all PUR from my gear. Establish how many millimetre from centre my feet, to when i pickup gold to work out base pickup radius exactly (3 yards of base pickup comes baked in to all characters)

Put on ToTD. for 20 (gear) + 3 (base)

Measure again.

Take 10 samples of each and average each to average out any inconsistancies.

Use multiple computers / screens / resolutions. Again to average each time at each resolution.

mp0 again and then put on Bats. 1 shot trash and get loot to drop with 0pickup.Workout another baseline again based on "loot drop" Measure exact range from centre feet to gold/loot drops. take as much averages as i can here, as not monsters drop directly on there feet.


East-West - seams like 7.5 yards (7.345 actually)
North-South - 6.5 yards (6.875)

It Seams like the "damage bubble" from CoB is kind of football shaped.

Anybody else want to try and replicate my results? It doesnt seem circular. I tried to eliminate errors for this using multiple resolutions, monitors, and computers yet on my laptop + desktop i got same result (to within 0.15 yards - i am going to call this the error of margin based on where monsters "drop" loot.

See a problem with my methadology? Please let me know what i may have done wrong!

Please can somebody else with access to multiple computers test this as well?
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06/28/2013 07:04 AMPosted by skitzflik
It Seams like the "damage bubble" from CoB is kind of football shaped.

Not able to help you test specifically, but I find this description to be quite accurate. The twirling seems to have varying range (like a rotating American football), so when a mob is frozen or a group of mobs are stunned. Those very nearby will go "tick", "tick", "tick", "tick" in a steady rhythm, while those slightly further away will go "tick", nothing, "tick", nothing. Then beyond that, it's nothing all the way outwards.

Then in another thread, there was observation that some of the mobs' hitbox is so small (eg. those fast leaping burrowers in Act 1), that if they get frozen right next to you, the doughnut AOE fails to hit them until they start moving again and their animation gets their hitbox into the CoB AOE zone.
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yeah, thats why i decided to try and definativily work this out.

I used mp0 to work this out, as any mob that hits my bats is "insta-gibbed" and trying to take ~50+ averages, drawing on my monitors (i did put cling film on them so i didnt stuff em of course!) i feel like i may have removed the hitbox size issue.

I was using skelly's in act1 / cemertery to do this. Reasoning = they move slowly, and are a similar size to WD, so i figured my "size" and hitboxes would be a similar or same size (and taking ~50 averages to try and remove any errors in measure)

If somebody else could try and replicate my results would be nice.

But as i stated, it looks more East-West than North South range (around 1/2 yard difference) - measuring from exactly midpoint from middle of my stance/feet.
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need additional testers!!!!!

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wow damm. thats a nice gfx. that would have saved me some time!


That doesnt display CoB range on there, And as Paul posted up ^^^^^ it looks not perfectly rounded.

Some clarification would be nice from another Doc. Yeah i have 2 computers i can test from, but, this is just me. additional people with same results = better.

also the 20yard (23 yard actually, 20 from totd for testing + 3 baked in to all characters) mark on that map is 100% wrong

The 20(23) mark is actually about 8% closer than the red thingi north-west of character. About 1.5 lines closer.
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wow damm. thats a nice gfx. that would have saved me some time!

That doesnt display CoB range on there, And as Paul posted up ^^^^^ it looks not perfectly rounded.

If you have Photoshop (or any other image-editing software), take a screenshot of you running CoB, overlay it as a new layer on top of the measurement graphic, and then set the transparency for that layer so you can see the measurements underneath.

I didn't make the graphic, but I've found it to be as accurate as anything else for measuring things in the game. YMMV.
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