ive noticed that players are talking about some sort of itemisation thing in the works for blizzard.
im not sure what its about, but i had some ideas.

idea #1
i was discussing the topic of the gap between awesome items and terrible items with a friend, and i came across the idea to add prefixes to unids to denote quality or perhaps signify that they have more specific stats, just like how it is on white items (superior, fine, balanced, etc.).
so you could find a superior skorn. or a cracked skorn, that will be smashed asap.

idea #2
perhaps another way could be the option to imbue white (or maybe any quality) items with additional properties, or to improve existing properties by using crafting materials.

we were also discussing that the auction house and the game in general seems to be oversaturated with legendaries that have terrible stats compared to the same versions of a legendary with really good ones. nobody will ever buy the lesser legendaries, because they want the better ones.
idea #3
a way to combat the amount of low quality legendaries stacking up on the auction house would be if they were worth more as their material components.
say if legendary items gave a larger quantity of the materials it gives right now and another even better material that is rare, and the cost of imbuing items with exceptional stats (like crit or crit dmg) was a lot of fiery brimstone and this additional rare material, but the imbue gave an item a player chosen stat(s) of a random amount when the brimstone is combined with some other item (like a rune or gem).

im sure players would be happier going on a scavenger hunt for a specific item that will definately give them what they are looking for as opposed to just running the same thing over and over and hoping to get something good maybe when they id it (unwrapping a bad present isnt fun).
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