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Looking for decent Wiz PvP build


07/08/2013 10:05 AMPosted by FR0G
why not just change your spec accordingly

Because I am trying to find a flexible build that can handle all classes in most situations so I do not have to change it if a new person joins the game.
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My mind was blown when I tried an SOJ last night instead of Litany of the Undaunted. Totally didn't realize players where considered "elites". As far as IAS goes... I just switched from an IAS build to something more like salty. So far I like it more... only really missing the fear on Echo.
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you need an echo for barb and wd unless you wanna try tanking along side them which... most of the time wont do much to them, and you also need the litany. unless you have a ring like saltys
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07/08/2013 03:05 PMPosted by FR0G
you need an echo for barb and wd unless you wanna try tanking along side them which... most of the time wont do much to them, and you also need the litany. unless you have a ring like saltys

totally don't know what to do now.... you say IAS is super important but other people have said IAS is useless in PVP.

haha im so opposite of salty

i like wiz vs wiz best ^_^ so fun! .. can actually win..

as you said earlier.........maybe one build is better for wiz v wiz and the other is better for wiz v all???
I used to do necro vs necro in d2 and the stuff i'd need for pugs with other classes was different then vs the same class. The gear in your profile is awesome I wish I could give a crazy high dps set a try. It says your dps is like 600k !!!!!!
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IAS is very useful vs barb and wd. Frog and I have different tactics versus those players. The idea behind our gear is very similar though. For his barb he goes lots of +rof and ias. I like to use very slow ias so my AP never runs out when I cast ROF. I use a double stunlock build versus barb. Versus WD I just go heavy blizz with tele/wof and keep trying to crit with them.

It's actually pretty funny, I really only have two builds, one for barb, and one for the rest of the classes. I use tele-calamity, mirror image-mocking, storm armour-thunderstorm, magic weapon-force weapon, wof-forceful wave, and blizz-stark winter with illusonist, cold blooded, and unstable anatomy. Versus barb I switch wof for ROF, mocking for mirror mimics, storm armour for ice armour, Frost nova-bone full for blizz, and illusonist for cm. I switch all life pot gear to regen. I will try and record a few matches for ya.
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http://www.twitch.tv/saltydizzle/b/427829570 Got a lil clip with my buddy l22. Sorry for audio didnt realize mic was on T.T We go back and forth but this is a good clip of my build vs ehp barb.

Edit: some of my timing was very bad. Basically you just cast with rof and use mirrors to freeze. He played very smart by running. 1 mistimed mirror and you can see how much a crit rend will do to me. Timing is everything with this build.
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A bit of dps barb play here www.twitch.tv/saltydizzle/b/427913214?t=11m45s

Had to change style accordingly since no rend.

Thought you wizzies might enjoy!
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yah, i use a massive locking technique.

hydra and storm armor (scramble) with paralysis for stuns (procs ALOT) especially with ias

frost nova + wave of force with images set to mimic so they i can stun or freeze (possible) total of 6 times

plus i have high fear chance on my Echo Fury. with a lot of dps.

i only use wof when i meet realy good barbs. usually i can just use force weapon instead and go more dps. barb drop dead in less then 4 seconds most of the time.

for me fear helps a lot. especially if you can get the barb into like a corner or in a tight area.

but if you dont have much gold to get different gears for different spec yah just stick to salty style. I have a lot of different gears i switch around for different specs and classes im against.
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ias is important for channeling beams and casting rate.

ias gives you more attacks per tick when you use RoF, which can be good for damage but bad for AP consumption. Thus, it turns into an optimization problem where you try to balance AP consumption and damage. There is a chart somewhere on the wizard forum but I can not find it, it gives the amount of attacks per tick for ias. However, I do remember that 1.53 ias corresponds to 5 attacks per tick, which is what I use since I get the most damage without running out of AP. So that is what I recommend shooting for when designing wizard builds, an ias of 1.53 when using a 2-handed weapon.

Casting rate is important for attacking between wormhole teleports and attacking with skills that stack. With 1.53 ias can I teleport out from a wall, cast meteor or WoF, and teleport back to where I was, safe behind a wall. If your attack speed is too low, you cannot attack between teleports, which will leave you vulnerable if you teleport in to attack. A faster casting rate is important with attacks that stack like meteor, but less important with attacks that do not stack like blizzard. I can get in an extra meteor with 1.53 ias, which has given me a double kill vs WDs that spam SB where I would usually just have died.

So attack speed should not be neglected in PvP, but it is not as important as it is in PvE.
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Oh noes, the weasel strikes again! lol jk
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I did not do anything wrong, I just wanted to discuss why I thought ias was important for wiz PvP builds.
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He was making a joke. Striking again like how you got a double with a bit more ias :P
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