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Apparently this is technological and sciency...
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07/02/2013 11:36 AMPosted by ISmkPotatoes
Apparently this is technological and sciency...

Hahaha these moderators are really weird when it comes to shifting topics.
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Hey Potatoes. Just checking back in on you after replying day 1.

Im going to give you my advice. Lots of others gave good advice to, but here is what worked for me:

1) Abolish sugar. None. Get rid of it. It will hurt like mad cow disease for 2-3 weeks. You will feel starving all the time when you cut your body off from sugar. Fight through it. No cereal, no soda, no juice, etc. Once you get through 2-3 weeks you will be shocked how much you arent hungry. Sugar is food mirage.

2) Do SOME sort of exercise every day. Start small. I actually ended up in the ER for three days for NOT starting small (something called rhabdomyolysis I had it bad). But do something. Work yourself up to 30 minutes a day. Add in muscle building. The rule of thumb is this: 30 minutes of cardio burns fat, and each pound of muscle increases your metabolism about 50 calories a day. (Thats no precise, but its a reasonable perspective). Pushups, biking, running, curls, etc.

3) Try and eat real food. If it has 400 ingredients and lots of "...ectoplasmaticdiosulfides for freshness!" try and replace it with something where the ingredients look like real food. Avoid partially hydrogenated oils.

4) Dont stave yourself. Eat when you are hungry. BUT - eat small serving sizes. This is very similar to sugar. Your body will be used to whatever serving sizes you have been giving it - and when you reduce them, it will act like a spoiled 2 year old brat who was just told no for the first time. Same thing, give it 3 weeks and magically small servings will be completely filling (really, I promise).

If you do those things - I am as confident as I can be you will loose weight. I went from a very pudgy 5' 9" 185 to 5' 9" 150 solid muscle doing just that (it took 5 months).

Good luck. Commit in your head. You can do it.

Disregard the haters.

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I see that you arent really trying to lose weight. I missed that, sorry. Much of it still applies though. Especially the eating real food / no sugar bit. Good luck!

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Regardless of losing weight, you don't want all that junk anyway. Ironically, I haven't had many sugars lately except for in my coffee and I've felt like I'm always hungry all day long for like 2 weeks at least. Hell, I ate enough to fill me up and not even 2 hours later, I'm really hungry lol I used to eat like a monster, but now I eat like a bird.
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Yep. My wife and I were constantly FAMISHED for about 3 weeks when we did the whole foods diet (no junk, all natural ingredients, etc). But once we were on the other side, its night and day.
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