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Is my Demon Hunter MP10 ready?

Hello, my name is Daniel and i was just wondering if my Demon Hunter is mp10 ready yet as i have mad a few upgrades and was just wondering, if its not what upgrades should i make?

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swap vengeance to night stalker, steady aim to perfectionist,(as is quite useless in mp10, unless you got a cm wiz in the pt) and you are good to go~

companion can be switched to bat for better hatred reg~
and also~ rapid fire build ftw
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No sorry but not yet solo. 30 disc + 40k hp isn't gonna cut it, unless you got 800k unbuffed dps

HP is so low, get 55k hp atleast. You also don't have a nuke in your skills, Elites in MP10 have 30-70m HP each.

+1 on the RF suggestion, its the strongest skill as of 1.08

- -

I suggest a SoJ to get 40 disc atleast
changing your Cloak to 250+ vit one (for now) I like disc on my cloak much better.

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You look rich, rich enough to buy a crit chance mempo w/ dex. If you are, you can go get that. If not, get a mempo w/ 201+ dex/vit.

Replace manticore with a DPS manticore. No vit, because vit roll on manticore -> no weapon damage affix w/ 2 sockets.

Since you will lose vit, as mentioned above replace ur cloak to 200+ vit/100+ dex. Chest can go up to 300 vit and should take advantage of that.

If ur vit still too low, replace inna pants w/ 150+ vit.

If you feel that ur resist is too low still, litany of the undaunted with crit damage is good choice.

Get a RF quiver if u plan on using it.

You can afford to lose 1 ias w/o penality on RF (8 ias pants instead of 9 for example).

Good luck Nyan.
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That Manticore is gimping your DPS a lot. You have no reason to have a Ruby in there, they work off of +damage%. How much do you have too spend on a Manticore?

Remember look for +damage%, getting a high end dex manticore can be overpriced so don't be afraid of looking at Int ones, and don't worry about the attack speed pay attention to x-y damage. 1300 DPS Manticore with 11 IAS is weaker than 1300 DPS with 10 IAS.

ORRRRRRR get a Calamity :D
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