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My HC MP-6 Full Clear run is finally done

07/08/2013 06:33 PMPosted by Vrkhyz
Okay. So you're not accounting for dodge, is what you're saying.

It's not that I ignore it. It's really important to keep upping that dodge, especially if I'm going to be using backlash. But when trying to see if I've got enough EHP, I just go with the number on top of d3up. Really, it's not the exact number that's important so much as the relative amount from when I was doing X (whatever X is - farming, pubs, full clear) in the previous MP to give me an idea how the next one will feel.

Same with DPS, really. Ideally I'd just u my EHP by 10%, DPS by 40%,, and I'm roughly able to handle the next MP level. But upping DPS by 40% gets prohibitively expensive, so I just compensate by upping EHP and mitigation and just slogging I out longer. The fact that my dodge EHP has probably increased by an even greater percentage than non-dodge EHP probably offers an additional safety cushion.

MP-6 is my "safe" limit right now. When I'm nearing my rough targets, I'll just run some MP-7 Act 1 farming routes in a group and see how that feels. Then maybe try them solo if that feels OK. The final step would be the MP-7 to prove to myself that I can truly "handle" that MP.
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Hello Demiwraith,

congratulation to your mp6 success.

i´m playing a hc barb on the european server and i have the same goals like you,to beat every mp in inferno solo from act 1-4 and every elite and champion on my way.

til now i´m in mp6 and beat belial just an hour ago.he is the only bastard,i must reskill,because my 2 stuns make no difference against him.
i´m confident to beat mp6 as well,i have 2mio ehp and my buffed damage is 102k with a lot of lifeleech.
my build is completley without critical hits,i cannot afford a ll skorn and the necessary crit equipment.
my whole equipment costs me 150mio + 30mio crafting + 20mio jewels = 200mio gold total.
only a dc can kill me...or 2 combined nasty elites and bad play from myself.

i hope that blizzard will change the higher mp´s hitpoints with the itemization patch,because they will change the maximum of possible critical damage.
then maybe it will be possible to go for mp10...if not,mp7 is the last one,i will try and only if i can increase my damage to 110k.

farewell...and good luck to you...

Achilles,the white one...
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