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something is strange about black ice

I was just goofing around, and I noticed that black ice behaves . . . oddly. For example, if I fight a boss with illusionist, it dies *INSTANTLY* So I figured that when an illusion dies, it makes a black ice puddle, which kills more illusionists, which makes more black ice puddles for exponential damage. So then i tested that theory. I killed something then watched its frost puddle kill other things. Those things did not get frost puddles, though.

However, as long as I was channeling ray of frost, it seems like stuff would die soooo fast in a chain once the puddles started happening. So I think what happens is that black ice gets triggered on assists. That means that if you are kind of strafing around with the beam, then anything hit by the beam in the last little bit (1 sec? half sec? who knows) triggers a new puddle.

Long story short, though, is that arcane dynamo with black ice is maybe the fastest killing anyone in the entire game can possibly do. Give it a shot. As long as you are fighting multiple mobs, you will kill so fast that your head spins.
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Does ray of frost work with arcane dynamo? I can't quite see how that would work unless you just get the bonus on the beam until you stop holding down the fire button. If that's the case I have overlooked something important and need to go back and check out a bunch of beam style spells.
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07/02/2013 09:47 PMPosted by Rafazafar
Curious what MP you were running.

yea kinda wondering too.

and does the path of ice stacks?
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This would be good to put on YouTube
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Sounds like ray of frost is good at getting the killing blow instead of the ticking DoT, and that the DoTs start stacking really fast...and then a whole lot faster the more mobs that die. With the density changes sounds like working as intended to me.
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I figured it out -- anything that dies while you are channeling ray of frost will leave a puddle, regardless of if the beam is hitting it or the puddle is hitting it.

Crazy crazy crazy dps.
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I just tried it on mp6 with my 170k dps, 2.5 lifesteal, and 800 loh. Absolutely sick dps when you have waves and waves of mob coming at you. If you can get them through a narrow corridor, the puddles will basically kill anything that walks through. The problem is that RoF only hits one target, so you need high dps to make this work. However, if you got high dps, you might as well Archon through anything.

Oh and the reason I got so much life sustain is because reflect dmg kills me. I don't have enough mitigation without Archon mode.
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so, doesn't work in multiplayer games because you must get killing blow to start the puddles. It really sucks when something is about to die from RoF and then someone else gets in a big hit between channels or something.

oh well, it's pretty fun solo
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I'm glad someone else is enjoying Black Ice! I had a thread about that a few weeks back. I believe that the "rule" for the Black Ice proc is that you have to be the one who does the last bit of damage to the monster while you're channeling BI, but BI doesn't have to do that damage. Any kind of lingering damage will do the trick. I'm using forked lightning with AD and blizzard to burn down crowds. I watch the red bars decrease as I do this. As soon as one monster is about to die, I switch to ray of frost. I'll get cold "fountains" not only from what I'm hitting with the beam, but also anything that dies in the ongoing blizzard or from shock armor bolts.

Like you said, if you can herd a bunch of mobs and/or are in tight corridors then you get to see a massive DOT.
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