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Suggestions please!

Hi guys, I need help with my wizard.

I am struggling with my wizard in anything beyond MP 5. If someone can look at my gear and tell me what i need to fix, or items i need to get? I've been told that Life on Hit would help, any other suggestions?
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Bump, anyone?

I don't know what i'm doing wrong. I tried copying some of the guides. I don't know if its the gear or a skill i'm missing. Please help!
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just use left click living lightning, right click archon

magic weapon rune blood magic

and try again
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But wouldn't that change me to an Archon wiz?

I want to be able to do the twister / nova / explosions build i see wizards do in higher MPs.
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Hi InsomniaRave,

If the skills you've got selected now are the build you're running with, then you're not actually a CM/WW build. The "twister nova explosions" you mentioned is CM/WW. There are many guides for it stickied at the top of this forum in the build compendium.

The build you ARE running is a Spectral Blades melee build, with CM to refresh EB and Nova. That's not bad, except that you don't have the durability to pull it off. Blood Magic and Healing Blades helps, but your mitigation is low at 85%, and Nova takes up an attack turn, during which you're not casting Blades and not getting healed, so Desecrator/Plagued/Molten/Arcane Sentry can kill you easily during that downtime.

If you're set on a Blades build, I'd look at increasing your attack speed, getting lifesteal on your weapon, increasing your mitigation to at least 88%, and grabbing a defensive skill or two (like Diamond Skin or Teleport: Safe Passage).
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I'm trying to run the Twister skill build, but I don't have the Arcane Power to support it,

Should i swap my weapon and source to something that procs arcane power regen? Or is it another piece of my gear that needs to be changed?
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CM/WW has specific gear requirements in order to be able to function, I suggest you read some of the guides in the build compendium.
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You need 18-20 Arcane Power on Crit on 2 pieces of gear to fuel your Energy Twister that will fuel your boom-boom-boom.
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Hi OP,

U can check out this comprehensive guide on gearing your CmWW SNS guide here from PIE:

This build requires:
- attack speed and u need to understand the breakpoints to reach. Your current iAS is not enough at the moment. U need to reach at least 2.51 or 2.73 (for good uber lockdowns).
- CC - your CC is "ok" but u want to shoot for 50 at least.
- LOH u have zero. U need min 800 Loh
- your armor and RA level will determine which MP u can survive at. Optimum armor is 4500 and RA600 for mp5-7.

Pie 's guide is very comprehensive, hope this helps.
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Awesome, thank you for the help. I'll rework my gear build so i can have the requirements in the guide.

I hit the 50 CC with my other ring, i have leoric for farming. Im 300 below the armor requirement.

And i think i can get the LoH and Arcane procs with a Unity ring and Chantodo set?

Thanks guys.
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I'm pretty sure I meet like 2 of the things that Gladiator listed and I've been soloing MP9. I don't know, cookies.
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Easy way to get LOH are:
- BT pants
- storm crow (comes with APoC too)
- unity ring (or rare rings)
- amulets (loH can roll very high here too)

Since u using Mempo, u will need a APoC chant offhand which gets expensive. It's easier to gear with storm crow since it gives u LOH and APoC, and then u can get a high dmg chant offhand with double intelligence and high VIT.

Take note for the chant will, there is iAS one, and also socked one. It's easier to reach te breakpoints if u using iAS chant will.

Hope this helps.
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@ Seraali

Yup u are using prismatic armor primary, while I am refering to SNS based which primary uses storm armor shocking aspect. The MIT requirements is higher for SNS but it also gives higher damage multiplier with shocking aspect. Storm armor SA provides at least 30% more DPS contribution over energy armor.
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So i fixed up some of my gear, tried to tailor it to what you have. Not as rich as you so i couldn't get the high rolls you have but I have been able to do MP8. Your thoughts? Anything else i can improve?
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You can take a look at my wiz' build. I'm still fairly new to wiz and I have Pie that helps out a lot. I did an mp10 key run(w/o glass cannon) but only died once while locking everything down. It was slow but I think I gained a lvl and 1/2 for p lvls. I also had another friend recommend the armor skill I'm using over storm armor and it has a nice DMG buff with CC.

Play around and your gonna waste gold on items, I have or sure. Right now my most expensive piece is my chants will at 395 mil. Probably paid too much but couldn't find a better deal that gave me 10k DMG buff. I hit the 2.73 breakpoint and have an amulet that lets me hit 3.01 if I'm doing ubers.
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