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just hit 60 advice

My gear is self found from my barb. I know gem upgrade and glove and bracers need tweaking. I eventually want to gear for 0dog but how can I best utilize what I have. AS is 1.80. I power leveled him so what r best skills to utilize current build. Thanks guys. I hope the WD forum is as useful as the Barbs. I look forward to the gains and info that this forum has to offer.
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You can prob get a basic CoB geared out for A LOT cheaper than a 0 dogs build. If you decide to go CoB instead the skills above are what you want to mainly focus on, primary is up to your play style though. That skill can vary alot between people builds but generally that is a good one.

Keys for gear

crazy attack speed is generally bad, 1.8 is enough

get a soc in that knife (MCK) and add a ruby

Get life above 50k

want around 4k armor so you can maintain CoB and not die

mana management is key, you will notice how fast you can deplete you mana

EDIT: the build guides at the top of our forum have a ton of info....don't get overwhelmed :D
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0dog build is expensive. ur will prob spend 500mil to a bil to have a 120k dps zero dogger. but if thats what u want then go for it. cob build or even zombie bears can be achived at a cheaper cost.

for cob and zombie bears . generally fast aps is bad not for everyone but still its alot tougher to manage ur mana with fast aps and a wd thats oom is a dead wd plain and simple.

if u want to use some ais gear id say 1 or 2 peices is fine if u plan on goin 1hand and mojo or u can use 2 to 3 or so if u plan on using a skorn.(cob or bears build)

shoot for these stats 50+k hp,3500+armor,700+ all resist,145k+dps and u should be able to do mp7+ just fine. mp10 with them min stats might be tough but prob still managable if ur cafeful.

vit,life%,int,cc,cd is what u should focus on. only add ais when u feel ur mana managment is in a good spot and u feel like u can handle the faster aps.

edit. u can run cob,pb, and zombie bears with basically the same gear. only thing i would say is if u wanna use zombie bears look for ur off hand to have - bears cost(if u go 1hand/mojo) and any other items u feel u can get it on it will help out with the mana. also u might have to change a cpl passives around with zbs.

if u plan on using gi/gf id try to have 5-14 yards of pur on gear. or u can use a totd and get the 20 yard pur right on the mojo.

edit again: as the above poster said.

Index to Witch Doctor Builds and Guides post by skywalkerfx is sticked at the top of the page. check that out for some builds and guides.
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Hey guys thanks for advice. Did some cheap upgrades to certain items. Like the build still have to practice at it. mana is a issue as stated. Without firebom and its passive I can't keep mana up. I see how the other passives work with the skills harvest and jaunt to process faster. WD was just as fast and could keep up with wwbarb at mp4. I like to keep 24 MS cause it helps get to packs faster which in turn then kills faster which in turn procs my skills. R Innas best? I have a compass rose that would help me drop AS. The witching hour gives me major dps boost so I don't want to drop that AS. Love my WD. Any extra help getting to know this build better would help. Is plague of bats best I like the range it has personally. Cloud was a little hard to manage? Thanks again. Awesome forum.
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Good job on the upgrades man. Like the roll on those shoulders a lot.

The great thing about WD is the versatility of the skill builds. CoB took me quite awhile to get used to but I just love it now. Others love PB and wouldn't have it any other way. Do what feels best really. Your attack speed relates to how fast your mana depletes so it becomes a balancing act between mana and IAS, that you just have to kinda figure out. I don't see a lot of WDs using inna's pants because you can get crazy good rare pants for real cheap nowadays. Def keep the witching hour, once I got mine it really made my build click.

I see you have a STR Hellfire, if yuou are doing Ubers at all try the build below. I was amazed at how well I could destroy them even on mp10


If you happen to get a half way decent CM Wiz you could switch out Hex for BBV since Hex only works on Zoltun Kulle
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As of paragon lvl 15...... mp7 solo elite kills around 35 seconds just about on average 15 seconds after big bad Voodo goes down. Deaths come from personal bad placement not the wd's fault if you can follow that. Public games MP 6 with a group hold my own average deaths nothing out of norm mostly when I get caught solo away from group. No upgrades cost more then 800k. Looking to tweek more and make this an efficient super budget build, any suggestions? Ran some numbers with replacing Innas and can't seem to find the 12MS replacement without AS except for Compass rose ring which I found a bad @ss one for 40k which could replace hellfire at right time with right pants. Pants r tricky for DPS budget wise.
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Congrats for rolling the most versitile and balanced class in the game :)

Movespeed can be found on following items : lacuni's, inna's pants, compass rose, tyreal's might and boots (that are level 60 items, is a few lower level things as well)

24MS isnt really needed. If you get your pickup radius up, and your not stupidly optomistic on your MP level, with Grave Injustice, you can just about keep spirit walk up 99% of the time. And Spirit Walk movespeed is faster than 24MS.

Never stack any attack speed unless you have ZERO mana issues. Ever. Until you can easily clear the content you are doing at the moment.

Some things about life sustain that may not have been mentioned.

LS works best - the best defence sometimes can be a good offence.

Bats & Bears dont work with LoH, well they work its just the proc rate is very very low on those skills (and they are some of our hardest hitting skills in the game) - so dont really worry about getting LoH on your gear unless you are running Acid Cloud, Rain Of Toads and i cant remember 1 of the firebomb skills - cant remember the rune to be honest, havent run firebomb in a long time, 1.02 or .03 i think.

Check the builds guide as mentioned. Is _alot_ of builds in there. More than any other class really. We are very versitile. Our skills just work. Alot of builds we have, are "end game" except for Thorns based (and they are, just it takes an hour to kill things!)

When looking for gear search stack :

int, crit chance, crit damage, vit, AR armor

We dont have any "on crit" skills like Into the Fray for example. We are "on death" instead.

With the latest buff to some of our skills we are now the fastest and highest damaging class! Geared right we are crazy effecient.

Sorry if i rambled on a bit :)

Good Luck. Happy Farming.
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