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Disintegrate Wiz

I'm looking for other Disintegrate Wiz's so I can compare/improve my build and gear.
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Unfortunately not many Wizards use it.

Why? Because Disintegrate interrupts the signature spells. By using spells that don't interrupt (such as blizzard as an example) you are able to keep on trucking with minimal stoppage.

I am a big fan of disintegrate. I'm not using it right now at MP levels because I need the constant attack of my spectral blades.

I'm interested in how you use disintegrate and how you keep it up long term
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Yes, not many ppl are using it, especially my build (with arcane dynamo). Though by just skill damage(with AD) Disint can deal more dmg than Archon beam.

Kinda have to sacrifice some gear for apoc and -ap Disint, so you lose dmg too to begin with :P

I have changed around familiar with blizzard and slow time. Atm Slow Time help alot to survive in mp8 and above, just enough time for LS to kick-in.

Btw, you need about 200k dmg and higher for LS to be noticeable.
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07/02/2013 06:54 AMPosted by Phynox
By using spells that don't interrupt (such as blizzard as an example

Blizzard does interrupt the channeling. EB is the only dps skill that doesn't. DS and armor spells also don't but they're not primarily dps skills.

The reason not a lot of people use disintegrate is because it takes a lot of ApoC and/or -ap cost gear to be able to sustain against 1-2 targets. Archon is just more efficient, is easier to gear for higher DPS, and has huge built in survivability.

07/02/2013 07:34 AMPosted by archileus
Yes, not many ppl are using it, especially my build (with arcane dynamo). Though by just skill damage(with AD) Disint can deal more dmg than Archon beam.

When I tried out a Dis build I had something similar but I used EB instead of Time Warp because it doesn't interrupt the channel. Otherwise casting Time Warp removes the AD buff to your dis skill. I guess it doesn't matter a whole lot since you likely rarely can channel for more than 8s at a time but I really liked the extra aoe damage from EB. It also made it feel more like Archon.
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Blizzard + Cold Blooded + Disintegrate is a very good combo. Frost nova gives a very nice defensive+offensive boost and if you have good armor and a LS skorn, you will probably never die.

I play MP10 public games and get a lot of friend requests.

Also, -5 disintegrate SOJ + Storm Armor (Power of the Storm) + Astral Presence will grant you unlimited cast time.
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Felt like using calamity with my LS skorn. storm armor already hits hard with it, and that's half the damage and one target.
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I've been using Disintegrate as my main nuke since before MP was even introduced and it is awesome!


Currently farming MP7 solo, and MP8 public games without an issue :)
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You need a SoJ with -5 if possible, and use power of the storm with 20 APOC on your equipment and you can permacast it against a single target if you're > 45% cc. I love using it.
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Wow. I see some amazing builds there. Thanks, everyone, for the input. It looks like I have a long way to go to gear my Wiz. I'll play around with Power of the Storm too -- haven't tried it very much.

Thank you so much!!!
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I'm not in the disintegrate spec right now but here is a video.


And a link to my post.

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Man, skorn is a little slow with CM, but it works a little, especially with huge trash mobs in A1/A2.

Teleport into a mob, start pumping in disintegrate, use impactful wave, disintegrate some more. Rinse and repeat.
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check my disintegrate build:



as a blizzard user, disintegrate is just one of my variations of build. I use blizzard to enable coldblood and lower the hp of the mobs then cast disintegrate as a finisher. I recently swap to
ice armor-icereflect to help keep immobilizing nearby mobs, that way i can drop more ehp for dps

this is my other variation usually on mp10:


since mobs tend to die much slower i tend to use explosive blast for extra dps. You can swap astral presence to other passive depending on your gear and playstyle like blur or power hungry
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