Diablo® III

NV stacks single mode and NV stack multiplayer

Two issues which are happening quite regularly are NV stacks on key runs.

Lately i have been doing solo mp9/10 key runs and 90% of the time after getting my 5 stack and getting to the key warden im getting disconnected, this is getting quite frustrating and time wasting as unlike multiplayer when you get back you maintain your stack in solo your back to a 0 stack and am wanting to know if this is happening to anyone else.

Secondly is regards to multiplayer NV stacks on key runs. For the bonus xp and MF i also join multiplayer games but a lot lately im getting connected to a game where players already have a 2 or 3 stack. The decent players who actually go out of their way and do an extra NV stack so we are all 5 stack before the KW is great but am noticing a lot of "solo" players on a multiplayer game who decide to be a hero and even tho they have 5 stacks decide to go the KW alone, even tho the other 2 players are still getting their stack. If you join a multiplayer KW game, to the players who dont support anyone on a party then please keep to playing solo.
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That multiplayer issue has happen to me once. But I have a feeling that that person killed the KW before making the game public (or before others joined), just to tick everyone off.
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OP always ask in Public games if the initial game creator is considerate enough to get everyone to 5 stacks, don't assume the original game creator will want to wait for everyone to have 5 stacks.

If I have the time I always accommodate people getting 5 stacks. Not everyone may have the time or patience.
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i understand where you are coming from absolutely, if you are on a 3 or 4 stack yeah as we know people come and go from public games constantly and randomly, its more on the highest stacked player when you join on 1 or 2 stacks that goes straight for the KW without consideration, how hard especially with 4 players to kill 1 more elite to help eachother out and make getting the KW a lot quicker. Ok the player on 2 stacks doesnt have time to get another 2 to let others catch up, well the players joinging dont have the time to get through the 4 stacks just to find out the higher stacked player aint waiting around and guns it for the KW, doesnt make sense, theres solo mode for a reason, need more MF, well instead of joining a public game get MF gear.
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If they would let us create our own games, we could create consecutive runs instead of having to jump into a game that provides people who are being selfish. I don't care if it's their game, they can do whatever they want with it, but doing as much useless stuff and ignoring as much good suggestions as they do, I bet they still sit there and ponder as to why their game is going into the crapper.
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