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[CO-OP] HC Self-Found League

I''d advise, as others have, to level up your first HC monk yourself using AH. It's a steep relearning process going from SC to HC, and having GFG gear matters little in the overall scheme of things. I took 60 hours probably to level my first HC monk, and every hour I learned something new. Just take your time.

If you wish to start off HC with a self found monk and need some company, let me know. Playing self found can be fun now and then, but it's very tedious in HC once you reach Hell, which is when most give up on self found.
Thanks for all of your advice and comments so far. I'll definitely take your advice under consideration - but I really want to resist the whole AH thing. For now, I'm psychologically prepared for the long slow journey that it would take to do this whole thing self-found. But as you say, things might change once I reach hell... I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

With that said, I don't think I'd be shy about calling upon some of you fine people for help with some of the bosses, because I don't remember what I need to do to defeat them. Thanks for your offers to help... I'm sure I will be taking you guys up on it.
i too am embarking on this journey. self found will be hard, but ive done that for SC so now ill try it out on HC.

ive been playing mp10 on normal, and so far no deaths due to player error, but i have DCed once at the worst possible time and died. im back to 23 but man it sucks to lose gear/time/gems because I HAVE GOTTEN LIKE ZERO GEMS THIS TIME.

ive tried to just emulate what i do on softcore, but that might not work. time will tell! i also found some level 3 legendary boots. anyways nameless i always lurk on here at work but rarely post till i saw this and wanted to wish you good luck.
Nameless, I know you're quite the expert on this game and most certainly have the balls to pull off this stunt...

I would hardly call myself an expert. But I am either gutsy enough or foolish enough to start this endeavour. Most likely foolish. But I do want the challenge. I truly look forward to the challenges that lay ahead in this particular playstyle. I wholly understand the need for patience when playing. I've always tended towards more tankiness than I need and I will be proceeding with lots and lots of caution.

As mentioned in a prior post, I might be going HCSF, but I don't think I would hesitate calling upon some other HCers to assist me in some of the boss fights.

Thanks for your encouragement and advice folks! Keep 'em coming. I truly appreciate it.
I second using a story-format!

Go go story time!

edit: Also, this sounds fun. Just created a new monk! :P
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I second using a story-format!

Go go story time!

edit: Also, this sounds fun. Just created a new monk! :P

I really lack the creative juices to pull off story format.

But if you plan to do this, lets try to do this together. Although from what I recall, we have opposing d3 schedules so it might be difficult to coordinate. But it'd be fun. I'll message you next time I see you on.
can i party with u guys? i wont be self found, so dont trade with me though.

wait, are u "allowed" to party with non-self found?
Yeah, Demi made a good point earlier. I might not party regularly with non SF players because i dont want to be carried through most of the acts, but I might ask for assistance with some boss fights. I will add you in any case. Always good to know other hardcore players.
this makes me sad. i will lie to you and say im SF so u will party with me.

I second using a story-format!

Go go story time!

edit: Also, this sounds fun. Just created a new monk! :P

I really lack the creative juices to pull off story format.

But if you plan to do this, lets try to do this together. Although from what I recall, we have opposing d3 schedules so it might be difficult to coordinate. But it'd be fun. I'll message you next time I see you on.

My gaming play time right now basically consists of 6-8 pm est on Tues/Thurs and during the day on Saturday.
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Sorry Nameless, I logged after we ate dinner. Figured out that I HAD beaten normal and was in nightmare :P That's why I thought I hadn't beaten the butcher. hehehe. See you on tomorrow.
Okay, so last night I teamed up with Chronotriggr (who has also started a HCSF monk at around the same time as I did and we made our way through the second half of A1 and completed A2 together. Wannabee808 also joined in for the second half of A2 under the guise of one who has not completed A1 (which, clearly he has done given what he just posted)... :P Anyway, it was a pretty kickass time and I had much more fun doing this than I first anticipated. Some early lessons I'm learning from this adventure so far:

(1) It's much more fun playing in groups, and safer. When I first levelled up my main, I did not know anyone else who played in RL, so I played solo all the way through. But in here, levelling up with someone adds a different dimension to the game that I kind of forgot about - being able to watch each other's backs is one thing, but also learning to synergize builds for content too. The fact that you feel safer so that you don't die random deaths to d/c is also a great benefit too.

(2) Playing SF means that all drops mean something, as does vendor offerings. There is incentive now to check out what wares the vendors are offering each time you encounter one -- hoping to find the "right" combination of stats, even on blue items! Crafting is crapshoot, but it is fun and there is always a likelihood of crafting an upgrade to what you already have. There is also little point to saving lots of gold, since it's not as if you are looking for GG items in AH.

(3) Playing HC also means that death actually means something. Duh! But that does refine your gearing and build decisions. Going down halfway in your health pool is kind of a scary place to be, and that even feels like a close call. Margin for error feels much smaller in HC, so you deck yourself out with mitigation and vit. All HCers know this already, but it will take some adjusting for me right now

All in all, a fun experience. Hope I will be able to make my way through A3 and A4 over the next day or two. Fun times!

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Hey, I blame my memory (or lack of) to getting old....plus I haven't played her for months. Kinda forgot where I left off hah! Well I'm working right now so it'll give you a chance to catch up a bit and hopefully we can run when I get home. Don't die! :P
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i am also leveling a self found hc and would be willing to run with you feel free to add me

Edit i have completed normal and i am in act 1 of nitemare atm please see
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hey nameless i got it wrong earlier. remember when i said u need 8k hp for SK? thats for hell and not nightmare, i got it mixed up.
Playing HC, you'll want to get life as high as possible. Generally, you will want the following life per difficulty:
1). Normal 3K
2). Nightmare 8K
3). Hell 30K

Once you reach Hell, you will also want to get some resists. Usually 100 or so is sufficient to safely handle any elemental damages you'll be receiving. Just play slow as you mentioned and everything should be manageable. You will undoubtably get stuck in Hell trying to get the vitality and resists you will need to progress into Inferno. Once you reach Inferno, after Act 1, it's a massive pain in the !@# to progress using SF gear, just need to farm farm farm.
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Last night, teamed up again with more fellow HCSFers and cleared A3 and A4 in normal. The party consisted of myself, Chronotriggr and then the other two spots had, at some point in the journey, Zynestria, Spencer21 and Huntingfox. Almost all of the folks who were playing were doing it S&B style, with the exception of Huntingfox, who has the guts to run a 2H TR monk... much props to you, dude!

I was surprised at how easily the bosses went down, but then again, we're probably overgeared for the content (not a bad thing) and we are playing in a group. We also tanked some elites we probably shouldn't in higher levels (like those big mallots? those hard hitting 4 legged monsters in A4). I think the encounter that I found most "dangerous" as far as watching my health go down steadily was Ghom, as I actually had to use a health potion (and hit serenity for good measure).

My stats ending MP0 @ normal was something close to:
309 DPS / 3700 HP / 1,176 Armor

And I felt positive tanky. Again, this was so much fun and I'm really looking forward to the continued progress in levelling up.


@Blademaster -- yes, I will add you as soon as I log on again. I am slightly behind you, but I'm always on the lookout for other HCSFers, and surprisingly found a bunch of us (listed at the top) who are willing to embark on this crazy endeavour).

@jco310 -- thanks for the tip. That is very useful information. Now, those HP requirements -- are those what we should strive to have by the time we hit diablo in the various levels? I am assuming so, as I can't imagine a way to hit 8K life by the time I hit SK in A1 Nightmare (as previously suggested by Huntingfox and since retracted). And thanks for laying out realistic expectations for inferno, as that will hopefully hold me back from charging ahead into inferno if/when I complete Hell. I should really be adding you to my friends list.
Those life suggestions are for Act 3, and you've noticed the issues with Ghom. Keep farming until you get a decent weapon with a socket and put an amethyst in it for LOH, that should help you nicely with Ghom.

HCSF is fairly easy until you reach Hell. When you encounter the 3 affix elites and lack resists, it can be game over very quickly.

Send me an add and I will help you out however I can.
HCSF is fairly easy until you reach Hell. When you encounter the 3 affix elites and lack resists, it can be game over very quickly.

I'll second this sentiment. Really, the key in Normal and Nightmare is that you can stay out-leveling the content. Advance your blacksmith and craft Dex+Vit+Socket gear that's of a higher level than the gear you're currently finding, and keep your gems maxed out. That's pretty much all you have to do.

Then you get to Hell, and you can keep doing that until Act 2ish to Act 3ish, where you now need Inferno gear to really out-level the content. But that's not happening self found.

I think the only thing I bought with my first Monk pre-Inferno up to Hell Act 2 was a Flawless Square Ruby for my weapon, and that really doesn't factor in so much at that point (+4 damage over a regular square one). Then I hit a wall. I broke down an bought a level-reduced Inferno LoH weapon at around level 53 or 54 (they were MUCH more expensive back then). I wasn't playing self-found intentionally, after all. Just frugal and spending my cash on Inferno gear only. (I advocate starting your bidding process as early as possible for non self-founders). But making it to 60 safely becomes concerning at that point.

My advice would be to seriously slow down once you get to Hell, if you haven't already. Goal #1 is to get to 60 to have all your options open and max out your skills. Do it in Act 1 if you have to. (I think you still get XP). Then make sure you're using the highest level gear in as many slots as possible before advancing to a new area. 60 is the first goal, not advancing through the acts.

There's a wall in Hell. I never climbed it. I always cheated and just went around it with the AH :)

Good luck.
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Damn Demi, you about made me want to quit with your description of Hell and how we probably won't survive....guess it will have to be baby steps from there :)
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