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[CO-OP] HC Self-Found League

BTW, can you tell me whether level-reduced weapons drop in hell, or do I have to wait until inferno before that happens? Just curious...

Level 62 items can drop in Act 3 Hell, I think. And I'm pretty sure level reduced items start dropping earlier than that, albeit not at 18 levels reduced.

I am fine with hand me downs as long as they were not bought. (I am not sure about level reduced items. I never thought about those)It's not really SF but to me the point of this is to not use AH.

Mostly, I'm thinking along the same lines. I started saving all my Int/Vit /AR finds a long time ago. I can't remember when, exactly. Maybe 3 Wizards ago. Sometime after my only Inferno Wizard died. I'm going to go back over my last 100 transactions or so and make sure that none of the items in my stash that I intend to use were bought and then work from there.

I don't have any issues with using gear my AH using Monk finds. The real intent for me at least is to rediscover the joy of finding upgrades myself, much more than making things more challenging type thing. So if I can get that while playing my main Monk also, that's all the better for me.
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Welp, the wiz smushed so I'm not in hell anymore. Let my daughter sit in my lap while playing and she pulled my mouse cord out. I should know better. :p
07/10/2013 05:59 PMPosted by Zynestria
Welp, the wiz smushed so I'm not in hell anymore. Let my daughter sit in my lap while playing and she pulled my mouse cord out. I should know better. :p


And yeah, I don't play this game in HC with any kid in my lap. Too many things can go wrong. Are you gonna try it again with another wiz?
Gonna work on the barb some for now, but I'll re-roll the wiz soon.
07/10/2013 05:59 PMPosted by Zynestria
Welp, the wiz smushed so I'm not in hell anymore. Let my daughter sit in my lap while playing and she pulled my mouse cord out. I should know better. :p

Daughters are tricksy, from what I understand.

RIP in Peace Zynestria.

I started my HC monk yesterday night. Hope him can go faster without die. Otherwise....he is still pretty weak ability now.
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I started my HC monk yesterday night. Hope him can go faster without die. Otherwise....he is still pretty weak ability now.

This is awesome! Shall I add you to co-operative, or are you planning to do the AH route down the road?
No, I like self found gears without AH. Of course you can add me for cooperative, my pleasant, my OWE free Mentor!
Ahhhhh!!!!! Zy!!!! sorry to hear about that.

Welcome ManU!!!

Thx your welcome. Now, he is just a little baby.
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Just a follow-up on my thoughts about using gear from my AH-using Monk found...

No way am I using gems from Inferno! It would take away all the fun I'm getting from finding gems and upgrading. I forgot how awesome that was. Every little gem drop is another mini-upgrade. I've got a green gem in my Wizard's pants because I haven't found enough purple or yellow ones yet. How awesome is that?

Plus, I know I've bought gems on the AH in the past, so it's hard to say that a particular gems was not bought on the AH. I'll probably try to keep separate gems for co-op SF characters even in Inferno because it makes finding the gems more fun. Maybe not Topaz though. I've never bought a topaz on the AH, that's for sure.

I am using a ring and an amulet from my previous runs leveling characters, however. I never really purchase anything pre-inferno other than a level-reduced weapon, so I know they're clean.

The jury's still out on level reduced Inferno items my Monk found. I'll wing if I get there.
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I found a new AXE!!!!!!!!! :)
nice AXE!
I finally started working on my monk again. Made my way through Kulle and Belial and started in A3. Played a little with Kimsulki84 (I really need MS boots to keep up with that dude... or at least, FF passive) until his wife came home and he had to make a quick escape (something that I am all too familiar with). And then I played a little with Zyn to kill Belial in MP3 (I think).

In terms of stats, I think I had ~1.3K DPS, ~17K HP, ~2.2K Armor and minimal resistances (not using OWE at this point) in a dagger & board setup when facing Belial. My life went down to about the 1/3 mark when he started doing his poison pool thing (and I was still trying to tank him) and I had to pop serenity once. My life recovered during that time, but it started draining again and I ended up having to run around while serenity was on cool-down. Needless to say, it was a slightly hair-raising experience, and I think I was fortunate to have Zyn in there to help me take down Belial a bit faster. Looking back, I kinda wished I replaced DS with BoH for an extra heal since DS is hardly necessary for boss fights. And probably FoT/TC instead of CW/Concussion since I am not dealing with big mobs. Maybe I'll remember that for my fight against Azmo at the end of A3.

Hope to complete A3 later tonight... for anyone who either wants to help, farm for items / crafting mats in preparation for hell or just wants to progress with me. Unless of course, I find nobody to join me, in which case I may either soldier on with my WD or the alts I am about to level up. It really depends who I find to be online and what stage they are at. Oh the joys of leveling up in groups!


On a side note. We have come new members in this league/co-op. 25 members strong (and counting) as I see that people are beginning to advertise this on their FL. This is awesome! Keep 'em coming. I may have to start purging some SC folks off my life. Yes, I find HC that much fun! :P

I also changed the title of the post. Dunno if it's more appropriate about what this is all about. :)
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Last night I started a barb and ran with Orcmaniac for an hour or so. We had a close call with a pack in the cathedral on MP10 Normal and then we went on to fighting the Skeleton King on MP10 as well. I had one close call when Leoric hit me a couple of times with his axe and my screen turned red. I had to kite a bit (I don't play barbs much so I'm still getting used to the skill set) but we were able to take down Leoric. My hairs were standing up on my arms and I have to say that I never get those kind of experiences playing softcore. I was also able to share some gear with Orcmaniac and I really like that aspect of this cooperative HCSF league!

Thanks again Nameless for organizing this group. I've gained some new friends through this and I'm excited to play with new people!
My little monk looks like a snail. Just finished Act 1 and hit lvl 15!
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@Millhouse9 -- this is totally working as intended! I'm glad you are enjoying this and making new friends. I have to add a bunch to my list and start purging others off to make room for more HCSF players, as I think I'll be spending more time doing this than SC. I think I wrote that earlier, but whatever.

@Manunited -- levelling up is fun and interesting. They look so wimpy without those awesome legendaries and sets from inferno, huh? They look so wimpy and stark.


I also started drafting a post about indicators of progress (or how to tell you are ready for a boss fight) here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/9377318563?page=1#4 -- I listed two that I know of -- health check (via increasing potion count) and DPS check (treasure goblin). I think there was a third one, but I can't quite think of it off the top of my head. If anyone can add to that list, let me know! Thanks...
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It is helpful, thanks!
Alright. I just finally filled in the 3rd and 4th posts of this thread. This is going to be more of a tip-thread for those who want to play this and don't know the first thing about playing this way.


Feel free to read through this and post if you have more tips for me to add.
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