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Gold Sink - add your ideas in here

I think its rather obvious that the game has no really good and meaningfull gold sinks but its clear that it should have some.

So, why not writte down a few ideas for Gold sinks here? Maybe someone will read them, and I am sure if we do a brain storming there will be some interesting concepts to read! Particularly as I believe that one single gold sink will NOT help anything, the game needs a lot of them, of which some are forced (like repair costs) and others should be optional (think about the Marquise gems for example)

So lets get started then!

    1. Changing your build/skills.
    We now have the option to change skills pretty much any time we want, be it in battle (with a short delay) or inside the towns. Why not make it something that requires to pay a little gold each time you do it? Most people change their skills in the town anyway. Each town has the healer/priest standing around and he could offer you to "reset" your skills for a some gold. The price of the reset should depend on the level of your character and the difficulty, so a lvl60 char in Inferno would have to pay the most. It should not be some crazy ammount of gold, just a "little" bit

    2. More usefull content, like Marquise gems
    I like the Idea of Marquise gems, although I think they really are not used very well, they cost a lot and do almost nothing, youre paying maybe 60m for very little. its not a good gold sink, because its not really meaningfull. - Yes I have a Marquise emerald in my weapon, but I really thought it would do more then just a few more DPS ... anyway the idea is great and I hope we will see more of those in the feature.

    3. Real crafting
    What? You say that is already in the game? I say no. Its more like gambling then crafting, at least in my opinion. I think there should be a real crafting option in the game, a system where you can change stats, add new stats, reroll some stats, reroll items etc. If you are thinking about PoE right now, then yeah, I think at least on paper the system sounds awesome, particularly as it gives you a reason to look for items AND for changes on them. So you might have a chance to do some small upgrades over time and not ALWAYS to be on the mercy of the RNG system, each "change" you do here could be done by the Mystik using recipes, ingredients and certain items (like gems, tomes, demonic essences etc) and of course a lot of gold! The "better" the upgrade is, the more it would cost of course!

    4. Customisation
    I think this is something that people would really do! Alone the fact that many have bought the special editions to see the "wings" on their characters prove that people enjoy such stuff a lot. Why not offer similar stuff like that for gold? Some of the Vendors could sell next to dye colours items that change the appearance on your character, some of those items could also drop by monsters and you would have to use the vendor/smith to get those items to "work". All those changes should be ONLY cosmetic changes. Like body paintings, capes, hoods etc. Think about the cape Tyrael has for example. Those items, like body paintings for example could wear down over time and it would require a lot of gold to renew them, maybe even gems! The higher the gem quality is, the longer the paint will stay! Your character would also have one or two aditional slots to hold those items. Body paintings would be of course only visible if you make your items invisible like your chest piece.

    - Changing the look of your equpment would also fall in to this, you could chose one item and give it the look of another item, the smith could do it.

So what ideas do you have?
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But thx for your bump :)
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I think it should resemble real life. Beer, women, weed.

J/K though, I think adding useless customization crap is the way to go. Rich people will do anything for a special colour skirt.
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Make a wishing well where all players could drop in gold that would be converted to cash and given to a charity. At the end of a month the highest donors would be listed to feed their twisted need for recognition of how much gold they have.Thus personal vanity in D3 could be made productive in RL.
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to be honest, customisation is pretty important for me as well, its not like we are in the mid/late 1990s anymore, where this whole online game was still a new thing, and where the graphic also was not really in a position that it allowed a lot of options as far customisation goes.

But now? With all the games out there, making full use of the things you can do? Changing faces, hair colour and style, clothes etc. pretty much anything on your character? People spend a lot of time with it, and I think its not a bad thing. It does change the game a little for the better. At leats as long its done in a reasonable manner. To see people runing around as a pink elephant in D3 might not be ... that awesome. But ... thinking about it ... with certain items your character looks already like a clown ... or baby blue pants and shoes ... I am curious who came up with that idea ...

Hell I would spend a lot of gold if could change at leats THAT on the items. i dont want to run around with baby blue stuff anymore :/ !

Customisation has probably the BIGGEST potential of beeing a gold sink, because the options are endless.
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1. Hirelings: A small fee when you Hire one. The fee is only applied whenever you switch hirelings.
1a. A small fee associated with retooling their skills.

2. Increase Repair Costs 5-10%.

3. Temporary Crafting Buffs applied by the Blacksmith for a fee. Something like the value of a Star Gem that doesn't take up a slot on your weapon that lasts for 30m to 1h. You have to find the recipe for it and then you have to get it applied, exiting a game removes it.
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Add an option for the blacksmith to refine any type of gear except jewelry

non-upgraded stuff are as we know them and it would scale between +1 to +10 and the chance of completely breaking the item increases as it go up.

I can't tell exactly of the bonuses but it could be like +5% armor per refine or just the kind of bonuses on superior whites ( per refine) shown in another color on the item
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An actual working blacksmith
You could gamble in PvP and Blizz could tax it (if we had PvP,lol.)
Increase repair fee
Drop less but make vendoring items give you a little bit mroe (still a net loss in overall gold received, and makes botting less efficient)
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temporary buffs for gold could work also. Like potions that give you more attack speed.
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I really only supported your third idea.

A way to make crafting better as it stands now is to retroactively make items not roll based on monster level. Crafting ilvl 62 armor already gives the minimum armor value for that tier but when every item that drops has a chance at the ilvl 63 affixes it becomes really hard to justify spending the gold and using 40+ blue mats and ~10 yellow mats for a completely random roll.

Some ideas for new stuff though. You could use gems in all crafting (like the BoA amulet).

You could salvage gear for a new essence. It works like this. I find a magic weapon with the "of savagery" suffix. Instead of salvaging for normal crafting materials, I use a different salvage button and get an "essence of savagery." These essences could maybe be used at the blacksmith to guarantee the same affix appears on your crafted weapon. Or you take them to a new artisan who can "enchant" an item with the affix. Increase the cost per enchant exponentially. And maybe an increasing chance to remove an affix from the item.

Buying some new skins for armor is a cool idea though. Well, I don't know that I like the idea of buying them, Id rather find them by doing some random !@# hard to find dungeon or something (none of these really exist right now)
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crafted rings.
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Remove all crafting mats from the AH.

Have squirt sell them to you in A2

Have her also sell essences, 1 mill a pop.

Reduce the amount of magic/rare items that drop (while increasing their rolls)
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Why? There's 1 trillion topics like this and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ never took any to add in the game. Waste of time.
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You die, it should cost you. A LOT. Repair costs at 5k a death is meaningless and gives no incentive to use skill when fighting elites. Also will detract 30k dps idiots from joinging MP10 games. Sould be 1 million gold cost to resurrect. 50k per repair.

Unidentified legendaries should be allowed on the auction house, with a 25% tax on sales. People will pay big money for mempos, if its garbage then salvage, but at least gold will be taken out of the system.
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Temporary (good) buffs to stats, maybe through enchantments that wear off either after time, or through some breakage system.

They could have extremely expensive ones that might increase your magic find or things like that. This not only takes money out of the economy but also increases the supply of items driving their prices down. Double wammy to inflation :).
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Am I the only one that believes that there is no such thing as a good and meaningful gold sink? People talk about gold sinks and stabilizing the economy but I have yet to see a game where over time I did not always end up with more and more gold and things cost more and more. Growing inflation is simply the nature of an economy that you really cant control.

Sure you can try to add gold sinks to slow it down but people have to want to use them more than they want to amass wealth. And based on history I think more people are more interested in amassing wealth than using any of the gold sinks. Even if it is something they want most people will refrain from using the gold sink until they can afford it without dipping to heavily into their wealth.

The question essentially becomes how do you make people want to spend gold when the goal of most is to accumulate gold? I have yet to see a viable solution to this problem.
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of course it is, but that doesnt mean there should not be at least SOME things that could be fun AND rewarding, like a real and usefull crafting, which could fill many positions, from using items (item sink!), gems, and of course gold and other resources. The imagination is really the only limit here, why it feels so sad that all we got is this "gambling" they call "crafting".

Inflation would happen at some point, particulary since you have so many bots in this game (albeit I think Blizzard is NOT doing enough against bots, but thats a different story).
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