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I have nothing bad to say at all. Too Strong.
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@ Fourty2DNAD3

why are you wearing IK helm for your wd?

I kinda like ur doom hammer, but no int.

IK helm for mitigation vs melee, + resist all bonus, no need for any IAS with this build, at all

got the hammer for 8-10 million, so I thought it was a pretty good deal

@GenosPants you seem to be pretty new with your gear, let me know if you want me to help you out, I have too much stuff lying around and could probably help you out with a few items...add me in game after we're back up!
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@GenosPants Ditto what Fourty2DNAD3 said. I have a bunch of int gear I am not using you can have. mrnix#1536

You got pretty much gears with the right stats in the right places.

You do not have skills with major cool-downs that required GI(Soul harvest and Spirit walk cool-downs has already been covered by Spirit vessel in your case).

Perhaps you can swap GI with Blood ritual to help on mana regeneration when you encounter annoying mobs/elites that interrupts CoB channeling.
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Nice setup.. good amour and ar.

Prolly can get better skorn for that slight increase of dps. And prolly rare pants with higher raw stats since ur ehp is fine
@ Light

Your gear is Nom Noms for sure.

I don't know if there is even much to change that won't directly affect your EHP.

Upgrade to Marquise.

Once you hit max paragon, swap that Hellfire for a 30% -10 Firebats SoJ, as trash mobs melt anyways, and elite kill time becomes more important.
@ Cogito
Awesome toon. Maybe get some buku craft bracers? idk...
just a little buffed.... no shrines ^ ^
@Tellyserve: would it not be better to run a Zuni chest + helm for the 4pc bonus instead of Tal's? 3% fire bonus & 9% IAS is nice, but I'm not sure it's worth the difference in mana regen plus you'd get additional AR from chest.
Finally hit p100 this week and replaced my red gem & hellfire ring with dps gears. Please crit
I've been out of the game for quite some time, and came back and didn't really bother seeing what had changed with WD's.

I see far fewer people running bears, and clearly my DPS, and EHP have fallen behind. Suggestions would be very much appreciated (for both build and gear/tactics). I'm currently running MP 7 farm runs, and have a bunch of essences stockpiled (left over from crafting my amulet).

Tien, you look really solid to me. Perhaps a slightly better Witching Hour?
@Marruk Looks decent for an mp6/7 runs.

Main things I can see you improving on is getting about 5-10k more hp and 200-300 more armor so you can survive some of the bigger damage attacks in higher mp. I would craft new int shoulders as it shouldn't take too long to get a decent one with more int and some combination of AR/vit/life%/armor/str.

I'd also go with crafted bracers for more dps and ehp than the lacuni you have.

nice gears but you can upgrade you amulet
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Godly top 50 WD.
My only suggestion is more HP.
Also, how do you maintain mana during MP10 farming or MP10 ubers?
You have quite a bit of attack speed with no dedicated single target mana regen.

Im not really having problems with mana, im not really a solo type WD. I always play with a group, especially with a cyclone pull monk. GF and GI supports my mana as well with spirit walk and soul harvest. and With massive amount of damage. monsters die fast so mana consumption is not that big. i crit 4m with soul harvest and GF. with BBV i crit 6m, sometimes i see 8m with mass confusion paranoia hits
i second castablanca's critique and ask you the same question, how do you survive ubers with almost nil mana regen items and quite low hp pool. no offense to your playstyle of course. we may be just curious on how you sustain your mana.

shoulders can have a lot of vit at least that's where i think is easiest for you to get some.

someone do a detailed one on me too please :)

I dont do ubers. if ever you'll have a very good pull monk with you. you will understand what im saying. And if ever i go ubers, it would be a diff spec. if ever ill go stream ill post a link here
sure... so where's my critique? :(
Besides my gloves what one thing would you suggest trying to change or upgrade? Or skill changes?

Nice setup and solid all around.
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