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Critique the Witch Doctor above you

07/02/2013 11:55 AMPosted by Zakuryu
@SuperPope- Yeah...a lot of pur... But I'm waiting for the right off-hand, I was using snakes before, but realized it had no mana regen. I took a -8k dps hit and went with the frog, the +mana and +regen is really nice, and helps with my playstyle; which is running around a lot, so I start stop CoB fairly often. Still keeping an Eye out on beter off-hands, as well as crafting bracers...omg...so many bracers...No point in lossing my shoulders, so meh. Plus I really like the PuR, I'm lazy and don't go back for gold, so I get a lot more gold now. :D

Strongly disagree. You can craft DRAMATICALLY better shoulders than that. You could theoretically craft a set with ~200 Str, 300 INT, VIT, AR, Armor, and I THINK also %life if you got crazy lucky. Shoulders are also one of the easiest crafts cause they just don't roll a lot of things. It probably wouldn't take more than 20 shoulders crafted to come up with a better set honestly.
Ahh, okay. Thanks. I will have to start doing that. :D
Hello Zakuryu,

Loving the massive pick-up radius bonus on your doc, bet it really makes your GN passive shine during play. Great overall set, like most people including myself, you can farm DE and craft, craft, craft for some gg items. BTW congrats on breaking the 200k dps barrier, I've been trying to get into the 300k unbuff DPS range without sacfricing my eHP but have not been able to. =P

Hmm, that's a hard one lol. If anything I'd say craft some shoulders and maybe swap out your pants for rares or depth diggers with high int and vit for a bit more dps but everything else looks awesome :D
That's quite some DPS you got there. Your EHP needs work though.

I gotta say WD so much easier to gear than my Wiz.

What's the amount of EHP I should be shooting for? I've got 494k ehp right now.

Forgot to critique lol, I'd say craft shoulders, get a cc pox a higher vit marrow and either a good zuni off hand or a uhk serpent should increase dps a lot unless you need or want the pur from toad
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That's quite some DPS you got there. Your EHP needs work though.

I gotta say WD so much easier to gear than my Wiz.

You have over 200k dps unbuffed which is good. Definitely maybe a cc pox with similar average damage. Also id say you have too much pick up radius. I use plagued bats and the range is a little longer, so I think you need atleast 12 for that to be effective with grave injustice. However with COB the range is decreased so you don't need as much. I run TOTD alone and no other pur and it does me well, but you also have some on your gloves. Anyways still a really nice looking toon. Oh, and I noticed I got more damage from a ruby in my weapon socket compared to emerald. I'm not sure how it would turn out with your stats in comparison.
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Ahh okay, yea I've been worried about my armor for a while. I usually party with a barb that uses war cry so I get some more armor and ar from that. But still I would feel a lot better if I can get some more armor. I think my ar is okay I'm sitting at about 900-1100 with my buffs up but the base ar could go up a bit. I think my lowest resist is 730 or so but I could be wrong.

As far as mana goes I found that using locust swarm with devouring swarm rune got rid of all of my mana issues, I literally sit there at full mana the whole time during combat.
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your gear looks pretty solid but i would switch out your toad for a serpent seeing that you have 7 pur already unless you really like having 27 yards but if you just want to pick up within COB range you are losing dps with your toad equipped. Also is you want to drop some cash i would buy a new helm with more int :)
@kingtako. Pretty good looking doc. I'd say try to add some more vit and maybe somemore dps where possible. Otherwise pretty good.
above me has a very nice build with a this high int and vit build running even mp11 will be very easy.
Saito, on your char it may show that you average about 750 ar (for each element), but if you look at your char stats on this web page, it gives the average ar. You are sitting at 387 ar.

So when they say you need a minimum of 450 ar, you're still cutting it a bit short.

I too myself have only understood this recently, so I'm just spreading the love. lol

I need to get some AR in my boots and I may go for some in my helm, but that's a billion dollar decision I can't make at the moment.

Tonight I'm going to start crafting some shoulders with vit. I know everybody wants me to craft my bracers, but I think I'm going to aim for lacuni's even if means I die in the process, lol.
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@ Stormland

Pretty solid set up, MP10 capable dps and mana wise, however can use a bit more ehp to not get 1 shotted.

Vile Wards can use some vit or life% and zunni helm can use some crit. Trade for some rare pants over depth diggers for more bang for your buck
@Aaron: Solid VWs. That life % is the gift that keeps on giving. Int on those gloves is way too low however. Nice zuni boots but I might lose the armor roll for some more vit on another pair. Same with pox ring. An armor roll on your pants will help make up the difference. You're sacrificing a lot of crit chance between your helm and ammy. Craft more amulets me thinks. Decent setup overall. Keep hnunting for a better skorn too if budget allows :)
@Eloquator - Nice 0d0g build. I played that build for a while when it was all the rage at first, the button mashing that I had to do hurt my fingers :( I'm sure many ppl have a macro or something setup for this reason. Anyway, in terms of gear maybe get a soj with 0 dogs or a skull grasp w/ Intel instead of Dex...but I'm no expert...Nice character.
@Borealis - Nice DPS, especially with a SOJ. Resist is high, but armor could be higher.
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can someone please rate my WD? and what skills should i use?
can you follow instructions?
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