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Critique the Witch Doctor above you

@Max gear looks like you need to start spending 1b + a slot... maybe think about maxing run speed at some point. Your use of grasp of the dead as a major damaging skill instead of a supporting one is an interesting choice and something I am going to try out. Ever think of strapping up your follower with a buriza? Its better than you might think.

9/10 +1/10 for always helping out the community.

Void. Very nice Doc! 0 Weakness. Perhaps a touch low in life, but very good mitigation.

Why did you take attunement over blood ritual? It would seem Ritual would get you better mana regen and life regen to boot...

Sorry Hard Copy, your post snuck in on me, 10/10 love your Tals Guise very innovative choice!
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@blackjack, ty for the nice critique. always bee a fan of your proc doc too. 10/10 bud. its hard to get high vit with a visage of guya but you've done it in spades!!!! i still keep an eye out for your sos(proc style) whenever i hit up the AH. hopefully she'll pop up soon.

don't critique me as i have already been critiqued.
@ blackjack

I really do like the procs build into your gear. Only two things I could critique ( imo ) first was the absence of LS and only LoH 441 LoH on pants. I know ur RoT and AC proc LoH not sure if it is enoght for MP 10. Second would be ur braces, Im not a fan of Lacuni Prowlers because of the lower EPH, the MS is nice thou. Cant find much to critique as ur WD is pretty good.

over all 9/10 pretty solid WD :D
@soulfly: missing winter dye on bracers LOL
seriously, you're godly! ever consider bats SoJ?
Nice HC wd, I'll just give you the answer that anyone who plays HC already knows..moar! vit! armor! def! more the merrier, hehe. Must've been a long road going up to plvl100 on HC, grats.

haha thank you. to be honest, it took me 2 barbs and 3 witch doctors, i started HC with nothing. barbs died quick, first two or 3 docs sucked (under 40k dps). my last one died to disconnect, i got better internet and took this one to 100 :).

its a daunting game mode, but its actually not that hard. i ran all of p60-100 on mp5+. i still run her in mp6-7 all the time. couldnt be more comfortable :). just looking to increase my dps haha, thinking of getting an uthkapian (ive already replaced most of my pickup radius :D)

I have a little WD at hardcore, I will follow yours : )
Nothing to critique, awesome WD.

My profile : http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Toygar-2188/
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@ Toygar very nice overall but i really dont see the need for an soj with the build your running.
@soulfly: missing winter dye on bracers LOL
seriously, you're godly! ever consider bats SoJ?

:D ty, yeah I have considered it....but have not tried it. :D
@Soulfly- Yeah...you look like a beast bro. Your armor is some what lacking, but you also use Jungle Fortidude, so that balances out I'm sure. I would say more, but I'm sure you have the solution worked out for w/e I throw at you considering how long you've played WD.

10/10 GG man
@hardopy - very good WD, nice dps, nice gear. All i can say is maybe you need more vita and movement speed.
07/08/2013 06:27 PMPosted by Manananggal
@hardopy - very good WD, nice dps, nice gear. All i can say is maybe you need more vita and movement speed.

Very nice gear. I like the 21 pur :]. If anything, maybe try and pick up a bit more res/ armor in exchange for health or even 7 pur. If it works with your build though, why bother?
your toons are decked o_O
damn nice WD, could do for some +armor (maybe on chest/pants) but your EHP is solid without. any upgrade for you is probably more expensive than my whole gearset though so.. yeah

Those crafts man are pretty T!TS, so far well balanced but for now upgrade first those gems since any upgrade from now on will be painfully expensive.
@TALIB, hey wow nice 0dogs..how much for the gears? And is it fun? I am trying to assemble a set like yours.
I have 6/30/8 dog soj and 6cc -6sec VoG dog helm if you interested.
Your current skorn build doesnt need a firebat soj. U can get extra dmg if u switch to a locust soj or add some ias pieces (go with ur firebat soj)
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