Diablo® III

Rate the monk above you, V-I Do Infact Lift

get more IAS and craft some gloves with ias on that as well.....get that life to 50k+

@ManUnited, Nice Gear..certainly better than mine.
Diablo3 rates u as an mp7 monk

This site knows nothing. ManUnited does mp10 just fine.
That same site tells me i am Mp8. Thats just plains silly
I think Diabro3 rates your monk at mp8 cause your ehp is VERY low for an mp10 monk. I would shoot for more survivability over dmg.

You have not achieved High dps to understand that my ehp is fine. I have other gear to raise my EHP alot with only a 20k dps drop, but...it is not needed. The amount of life I get back in return works just fine. especially if I switch to my other LS EF. Thanks for that input.
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So you never die in mp10? interesting...
why bother to carry a ls weapon? or more ehp gear?.

I think u answered urself here.
Insert words in smokys mouth here *[
So you never die in mp10? interesting...
why bother to carry a ls weapon? or more ehp gear?.

I think u answered urself here.
anyone can die on mp10 to some random stupid BS that strikes out of nowhere. spawn deaths, lag, vortex into arcane.....ect. That's diablo for you. Also, I have alot of other gear for builds. For 2h and S&B as well. please insert foot in mouth. This thread is for ratings. I'm not going to dish this out with you on here. thx you.
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Here is my 2 cents. Hey Crashbug. Before you think about telling someone their gear cannot do mp10, ask dumb questions, or even think that you have a clue what you are talking about. Stop, you are embarrassing yourself. You have no right to tell anyone about their gear or say dumb !@#$. Your gear isn't any better than someone who just hit 60. You have no idea how to gear. Let alone what you are doing. Your gear is all wrong, your gems aren't upgrades. So, all in all. Shut up and let the big kids tell you how to get better, not the other way around.
@Ghost. 8/10

A future goal could be to work your way out of being reliant on OWE. Not a pressing issue at all, but just seems like a reasonable goal to work towards in my opinion for anyone who isn't built as a 100% pure tank.

Good luck chief!


PS: Not particularly fond of EF outside of Nirvana. As I've mentioned previously a few times, it doesn't reflect on your rating though. Just a personal quark of mine is all.
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shenlong monk! nice 9/10

i wonder why shenglongs tho
very nice setup zetton, 9.5/10

you are a man after my own heart, except for the EF lol ... ; )

interesting choice on the ias WKL instead of CD but all in all, gg bro, gg!!!

very nice set up with a WKL, sick mh too
perhaps shoot for a better dps wise Nat Ring, a bracer with vit, a better rolled amulet and try to get a trifecta glove, but those are just tiny improvement to ur already awesome monk


Both of your monks are insanely rich. $_$

9.5 for both of them, since a 10/10 would just be topping off the item rolls. Bet it's one big headache trying to upgrade, but must be nice not needing to as well.

Great job. ^_^

I Find the LOH/LS setup really interesting. I like it all overall besides the kind of funky shoulders and tal's chest (because they lack vit and dex respectively) Still, everything looks pretty good.

Ooops for some reason i thought that was the relentless assault. This makes the shenlongs choice very bizarre...

Edited by Deanman#1573 on 7/17/2013 11:17 PM PDT
Those shoulders are 1k armor just by themselves. ^_^ The Ta's is just purely amazing on every level for me. Ton of HP, and 90 AR. I'm definitely willing to take the loss in DEX for that, since those are more valuable for me in that particular slot in conjunction with the rest. All about balancing. Primarily a dual Shen/LoH Monk, so I suffer from an overall DEX loss. That STR roll on Vile is a good compensation to keep it reasonable.

Albeit they look weird, but there is a method to my madness ya' know? :3

Your rating however is a 8/10. Only reason is because that 42k health is a bit rough. Bump to 50k get a 9/10.
Edited by Nahsi#1156 on 7/17/2013 11:31 PM PDT

Dropping 100 dex for 80 all res is a good trade on the tal's chest.

I'm not convinced about the shoulders, but you have plenty of hp so it's not a problem at the moment.

Since you have surplus hp you could try dropping the blackthorne's for a pair of diggers or a beast rare.

Heh, everyone hates my Vile Wards. :-[

No can do on the Blackthorne's to Depth Diggers or even Inna's Temperance. LoH is necessary for when dual Shen's is up. Currently the HP is planned. I'll be upgrading my amulet hopefully, for an amazing LoH one, at the expense of nearly 5k HP loss though which puts me around 52k HP. LoH Litany swap also. Which should put me around 2800+ LoH.

Or in this set up, 3% LS + 1400 LoH.

@ Deanman, my other Shenlong: Relentless Assault is 1116.6 DPS (430-1007), 196 DEX, 942 LoH, 11% IAS, OS.

Here's to hoping on the amulet upgrade. ^_^

*skip me on rating, and rate Mauzn please*
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@nashi 8/10. I had the same concern as you. when i tried switching blackthorne to inna's temperance and get another ls weapon is actually much better. Ls is really much better than loh. In your case you should not rely on loh. With 5.5% ls, 450AR, 40 HP and 200K DPS, you should do fine and can farm mp10 easily.
@mauzn 7.5/10. nice inna helm. since you have the complete inna set, you can get yourself a skorn with ls to build a proper tempest rush build.
07/18/2013 01:32 AMPosted by wei09
@mauzn 7.5/10. nice inna helm. since you have the complete inna set, you can get yourself a skorn with ls to build a proper tempest rush build.

Dammit I never have my full gearset on when people rate me. This is my low-mp pubbing fire monk.
@wei09 9/10

Very nice gear, you are actually one of the smart ones who use dual LS which I like alot. It means you value being alive and actually doing more eDPS then dying and looking at a little increase on your sheet dps.

GG I have no idea what you can do, go !@#$ some faces and enjoy :)
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