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Rate the monk above you, V-I Do Infact Lift

@ManUnited - Since I just did a run with you, I know your monk doesn't need ANYTHING. Looking for upgrades though, maybe a 9% tals and vit on your boots.

10/10 monk from firsthand experience.
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Excellently balanced monk and got all the pre reqs to manhandle MP10. IAS of the gods in your build with 275K DPS with WKL! Only thing left to do is take a nap cause youre done!



hmm lets see

trifecta HF ring - 2 points
trifecta nat's - 2 points
5 cc mempo - 3 points
balanced offense and defense - 1 point
shen long set - 6,000,000 points


ok im just messing. beautiful DW monk if i ever saw one. seriously jealous of your rings.

9.5/10, i'd say 0.5 is left for you to get even higher cc to match that crazy ias and chd!
first time ever doing this, nice set for tempest rush
8/10 you need better gloves at least with cd
its not a perfect world though ;p
@ Jinze
7/10 Nice Monk, great DPS, but not enough life to wiz through MP10. You work on that, and you got an awesome monk!
@ abb1
nice gears, sick crafts, perhaps try to shoot for a Dex shoulder with higher Vit?
@Xin, could do with 10K more health but other than that good all round Monk. 8.5/10

@ spear chucker,

9/10, very nice gear! I'm a little curious as to why you still have serenity though?

gg monk my friend!


Good Start. Your helm has a lot of room for improvement. Since you're not going for spirit regen the next alternative should be a higher roll Vit w/o int. That should help solve your issue with HP. I personally would switch out the Tal chest w/ resist for something with 220+ Vit, personal preference though.
@vexelite You're pretty solid. Keep trying to craft that Trifecta Ammy and get the 6CC on bracers. You like Unity rings?
@Tranquility, My unity is self found... which makes it better than alternatives (Fact). I switch Unity for SOJ when I TR but generally I'd rather have the extra attack speed.
@ manunited awesome monk9.6/10 ,@ utopianhero unbelievable monk 9.8/10 I always seem to look at your guys builds the most for ideas and options to upgrade my monk and there are a lot of amazing monks on this post wow .

Very nice OWE free monk! Although you achieved OWE free, your armor and vit a bit low. Also Single LS cannot ensure your survival. Try enhance those areas you can walk around on any MP level. (8/10)
06/29/2013 01:24 PMPosted by Jinze
you need better gloves at least with cd

i have been rolling more gloves than you can imagine. OK u probably can, but its still a LOT of gloves.

Nice 2h skorn monk. very good hp and and OWE free. But your armor bit low, but it may not necessary for 2h monk? (7.5/10)
@manunited 8/10

Excellent monk not sure how much AR you have exactly and I am assuming it is a build without OWE but over all solid much better than mine but I am pleased with what I am working with now
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Nice char, stat wise we're pretty similar 8/10
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I'm not very good at the rating thing. I would get some avg dmg on the nats ring. Everything else looks pretty solid. 8/10.
i actually do farm mp10 pretty easily with my 38k health honestly
where should i fit more health into this equation please help :)

i went the route of more resist
If one of you could give me some advice on my hardcore monk that would be fantastic.
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