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Rate the monk above you, V-I Do Infact Lift



Ridiculous gloves!! If that 80 intelligence was vit you would have GODLY gloves. Also like your war vow ring :)
@higgins That godly chest O.O. 9/10 mostly because you are rocking an inna's you are uber you're a cold monk (which makes me so jealous of your gear) and you had a wkl I would be in-love with you, still a little smitten. You're just missing your tris on some gear but your monk is beautiful.
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Nice monk higgins really nice crafts good dps. Credit card paid for obviously but money well spent since monks are the best class.

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@ BladeMaster - Pretty good start. a lot of your items however can use an upgrade. I like to see monks using WKL.. it's just too awesome hehe

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Ya i paid roughly 150 in the rmah for my char but i figure i can make 70-75% back if i resell...and most of blizz games require a monthly charge. Ya, i got realllllly lucky with my crafting rolls and im usually very unlucky (ex. my first time gabbling experience a few weeks ago i lost 500 bucks and i was up 800 at one time......lol ;( About the chest, I know you will hate me but i crafted that on my 5th craft :D My friend who has been playing 20 times longer as me hates me for it, lol.

@ fappert 8/10 and i love those bracers! Would be perf for my monk.

Edit: Typos! Doh!
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@SirNick (since you got missed out and Higgins already got rated). Could do with about 10-15K more hit points, and your armor is a little on the low side. However your resistances look good. Like most of us, you could do with a dps boost. 7/10.


9/10 Very nice S&B setup. Very well balanced EHP and DPS. Too bad your shoulder rolled poison instead of lightning, would have been perfect. Maybe you can focus on crafting a DPS amulet, at your level id bet losing the EHP from your amulet wouldn't make a dent. my 2 cents.
Put a gem in those ice climbers? lol. Interesting gear set. High resists. You playing only what you pick up? I am posting mainly for myself. Any advice welcome that won't cost upteen billion gold.
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The barb gear is just for show. #7 resist for barbs in diabloprogress, used to be #3 hehe. Its been two months now since i last used my barb. Im not much of a self-found fan. Would be interesting if it had a separate mode like how HC is now. 7.5/10 rating for your S&B (err. Axe and Board in your case) monk. As for upgrades, try crafting more bracers with +5 CC or a glove with IAS, I myself havent had much luck with glove crafting.
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Haven't been counting but I am well over 100 creates with gloves. I will keep trying lol.
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Solid S&B monk. All the prereqs are there youre just trying to get better rolls on some of your items. Shoot for a bit more life and your good to go.



Pretty nice gear overall. Decent HP and all resist and damage.

solid monk bro, obviously next upgrades are in the bil range. But if you want more dps, i think upgrading either you dagger for the biggest upgrade. I looked into the swords, you do lose a little ias but can deliver a much higher dps.
10/10 for yall on this page. Happy sunday!

Nice set up...great roll on the gloves! 9/10

Nice gear really, but that hellfire ring is holding back your dps alot, though I guess you're still leveling. 8/10

(I only play mp1 on my monk)

Huge HP monk with dual LS rare axe!!! But your builds are too conservative. Try to get rid of Serenity, if you are already OWE free. Monk is speedy character! But your iAS is pretty slow, then your attack will be inefficiency. Although you have dual LS, you cannot recover health quickly. So you feel you hp is not enough. That's why you try to increase your HP alot. Actually, 40k to 50k hp with above 60% attack speed or iAS 2.3 is good enough and comfortable to deal with MP10 (7/10)

Sorry skpped you. Your gears are nice. Very good 2h Axe with great DPS. But your hp is pretty low. Is 2h monk not necessary more HP? 8/10
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