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Rate the monk above you, V-I Do Infact Lift


Pretty good gears, although you need to start crafting your shoulders, gloves, ammy. I have no idea how you get such a nice hellfire ring with so little playing time.

Gloves and ammy are abit too defensive though and affect your potential dps by quite a bit.

My profile is on http://d3up.com/b/825239/zen-new

Any idea how to boost my ehp to 600k w/o losing too much dps? Still feeling fragile against elites w aoe.
Great stats and well done. I think you should look to get a bit more vit and armor - probably your shoulders are the weak point on that at the moment. You could probably craft something with a couple hundred extra armor and some vit, and it would really increase your ehp.

Good luck.
@ Azza2k

Wow you're geared heavily into OWE, but I think it might be time to start swapping out for all resist, piece by piece to keep progressing. Other than that nice look build, but bite the bullet and get a marquise in your weapon!

My monk is an MP1 only TR monk =)
OMG dat hammer
OMG dat crafted bracer
OMG dat inna helm

Nice crafts and well balanced monk

Just passed the 200k deeps mark. Crafted a nice amulet last night. Super stoked ! (b^-')b

@nekydo - Nice crafts man, I'm on the same path with finding that tri-fecta glove ! 8.5/10
@Chu - NICE ammy :D A Crit Mempo is in your future ;)

Solid Monk, 8/10

Excellent speed and good dps. I like your sword. Your build is also special. (9/10)
OMG dat hammer
OMG dat crafted bracer
OMG dat inna helm


As if you can complain with those crafted gloves and shoulders...

Skip me.

I've been away from D3 for a while and haven't been following gear or playstyle updates at all, but you seem to be doing very well. Your amulet and gloves are particularly nice. How many crafts did you have to do to get each of those?

VERY nice gear man. Vit seems low, but I bet mobs just melt for you. Nice
@Benjy, if you're playing on low MP your set up is OK. If you want to play at MP 7 and above your health is too low and you could probably do with another 50 resistance.

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@SPEAR-CHUCKER , nice s&B 9/10
@ Shaman

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That mempo... that Echoing Fury.... sweet. 70% attack speed increase... are you kidding me?
Anyhow I'm just back from break and took advantage of devalued everything to get a nice Exploding Palm/Bells build. Could use some suggestions.

10/10 for yall! Happy Tuesday!

Im usually at 74% attack speed. I have alot of other gear, I downgraded alot of dps for more mitigation just for the build.
Cant see your toon. add me in game. I can help you out.


.05/10 :( daywalk3r is a better monk..... :p

10/10 my friend. always GG monk. both of them. also for being shallow and pedantic. grinding you know whos gears.
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@ smokymkpot

I'll rate you 9/10 cause its clear, what you want to do with your gear and you did well.
I dont get the shoulders though, judging by the rest, 120 vit plus the rest should at least be in your budget. Or you could look for a good str roll instead of the measly int.
The pants lack 1 ias and about 10 AR.
Nats ring might be more usefull with phy-res or maybe armor.


@ Troglodyte
I have way better shoulders, gloves, pants. just playing around with gear, i have pants with high vit or lower vit high dex with 9% ias :)

nats ring.... your being picky !! not baller status anymore..... :p
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Can't really go wrong with your gear selection. Your monk is well put together. Only thing perhaps is to get an SOJ but thats just nitpicking.


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