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I have Mac 10.6 and can't get 10.7..or can i?

So here's my problem

I'm getting the D3 message saying my D3 is only going to run for a limited time because I have to upgrade to 10.7 or above. BUT I run protools 8 and that cannot run on 10.7. So its either I upgrade Diablo and lose 5000$ worth of plugins etc for my protools. OR not be able to play Diablo 3 :(

What should I do? Is there a way to still have both on the same computer? I need some help!
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Did you read the sticky topic regarding OS X 10.6?

Diablo will not stop working because they want to annoy you. It will probably continue to work just fine for a long time.

It is just that there _may_ be the possibility in the future that if they update they game client they will use OS X features that are not present on 10.6 or earlier. However personally I think this is rather unlikely. The client is done and may be patched but additional features being added that are incompatible with 10.6 is unlikely (imho).

Also you can't expect them to help you with OS X specific problems and the game client. They won't keep their own 10.6 installs. So if there is an issue which is 10.6 related they will just tell you that they don't support you. Battle.net issue or anything else they will probably help you out with still.

Bottom line is - keep calm and relax. As long as the client is working there is no need to change anything. In the _potential_ case when the client will no longer work _sometime_ in the future you may have to take a decision..
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Thanks for the reply, appreciate it
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If you can't upgrade your Pro Tools 8 without shelling out a few hundred bucks as well as upgrading the OS and it comes the time that D3 won't run in 10.6, then... dual boot. Partition the drive into a 10.6 and 10.7 system. Never done a dual boot myself, but when done and booting up, you just select the OS (partition) to use. Just might be a pain if you just have 10.7 for only D3 or 10.6 just for Pro Tools.

For a little more than Pro Tools, I think you could buy a Mac Mini (would also need a monitor/TV to use with it), which you can run 10.7 or higher on. Then your current machine could be your Pro Tools 8 machine, which I'm assuming is for work?
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I want to post a warning regarding dual booting and doing a live repartition of a drive. If your boot drive has a Boot Camp/Windows installation partition on it you cannot repartition the drive without damaging your Windows partition boot sectors.

If you want to dual boot and you have a Boot Camp/Windows partition you will need to move your Windows partition to another drive via a cloning utility such as Acronis TrueImage Home (do not choose the Block Copy method for cloning though, or else you will end up with a drive that is only as large as your Windows partition is now even if the drive itself is larger).

Once you've cloned the Windows partition to another drive you can do a live repartition, which will wipe that NTFS partition and allow you to reallocate the space as Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

It sucks having to dual boot, but you do at least have that option if you need to keep your Pro Tools setup the way it is or can't afford the upgrade.
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